All our customers think all dogs are amazing

If you’re a dog owner, you probably already know just how amazing dogs are. They fill your life with love, loyalty, fur, joy. Everyday is an adventure of happiness.

1.Dogs increase your mood dramatically! 

Spending just 15-30 minutes with your dog can help you feel more calm and relaxed, reducing stress and increasing happiness. Playing with your pup increases your brain’s levels of dopamine and serotonin, both of which are neurotransmitters associated with pleasure and tranquility.

2.Having a dog may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Studies show that talking to and petting your pooches are often accompanied by lower blood pressure, and that means a lowered risk for a myriad of different illnesses.

3.Dogs protect children from skin conditions and allergies.

Children who grow up with dogs have a lower risk of developing eczema than those who have cats or no dogs at all. Yes, it’s true! In addition, children also develop fewer pet allergies if they grow up with a dog.

4.Having a dog improves your physical wellbeing and encourages a healthy fitness routine.

Your dog requires daily exercise, and so do you! Dog owners carry the responsibility of playing with and working their dogs, so it only makes sense that dog people tend to be more active.

5.Humans with dogs recover more quickly from illnesses.

Dog owners have a much higher rate of recovery from being sick than non-dog owners. In fact, humans with pooches who suffered from heart attacks were twice as likely to fully recover than those without!

6.Dogs make excellent service and alert animals.

Canines make excellent service companions when trained properly for people with disabilities. They can be trained to bring medication, alleviate a stressful situation for their human, and even detect an approaching epileptic seizure.

7.Children with dogs in their household miss less school.

We all know that children absolutely adore pups, but research has shown that children from dog-owning families have better school attendance due to better overall health and less sickness from having a pup at home.

8.They make excellent watchdogs.

From puppyhood, dogs innately learn to watch and be aware of anything rotten coming your way. Potential burglars are put off by a barking or watching dog in the window. Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Scottish Terriers are among the top watchdog breeds, but even my fluffy American Eskimo dog is known to be great at alerting families of anything odd or suspicious!

9.Dogs help increase social interactions.

Yes, not only do dogs need care and playtime with their humans, but they need time to socialize with other pups too! This means that their humans will have a chance to socialize while they oversee the puppy playdates. Those of you with pups know that even going on a walk in the neighborhood can bring many friends and start many conversations!

10.Dogs may save your life.

Our lovely canine friends seem to be able to detect the smell of cancer in human bodies. There have been stories of pups who continued to lick and sniff at moles or lumps on their human’s bodies, who eventually found out that those skin conditions were cancerous. In fact, since humans made this discovery, dogs have even been trained in just 3 hours to detect cancer!

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Happy National Dog Day !

National Dog Day has two goals: to honor dogs, and to rescue dogs from homelessness and abuse. It’s an opportunity for us to recognize and appreciate the value and importance of dogs in our lives.

This day is intended to honor dogs for all that they do for us. In addition to giving love and companionship, dogs help us out in countless ways. They are watchdogs for our safety. They lead the blind. Dogs aid in search and rescue, and they seek out bombs and drugs.

The second goal of National Dog Day is to rescue dogs in need. On occasion, dogs need us to save them from homelesness and abuse. The goal of the National Dog Day foundation is to rescue 10,000 dogs a year. Lend a hand to help a dog in need today, or any day.

Celebrating National Dog Day can be as easy as giving your four-legged friend a big hug and kiss ! But for those who want to take their love and appreciation to another level.

It is all about how to use e-collar

“An e-collar . it’s just a tool. You can build a house with a hammer, you can break a house with a hammer . it’s how you use it.”    –Blair Diamond

About a year ago, My husband and me decided to expand their family. We decided to adopt a puppy from the local shelter. Together they found the sweetest boxer puppy and decided to bring her home with them. They named their puppy LeLe and that same day went out to buy a bed, food and toys for their new family addition. Little did they know that they’d just adopted a canine with serious obedience issues.

After the first day, I came home from work and found Le had destroyed one of the couch pillows and had gotten into the trash in our kitchen, dragging it all over the house. I figured he was getting used to his new environment and maybe he’d acted out because of that.

LeLe didn’t stop at tearing up the house, he also barked non-stop while my husband and me were at work during the day. After two months of destruction to their house and constant barking, We decide to trying anything to fix this problem.

We were getting complaints from the neighbors and honestly, his barking was starting to drive us a little crazy too. This sweet little dog was turning into a holy terror.

We decided to do some research and came across the Wellturn dog training products. So we want to give it a try and began training LeLe .

At the first. It definitely got his attention. The minute we saw he start to do something wrong like digging in the trash or barking at our neighbors, we’d use the remote to correct his bad behavior. It worked like a charm. After only a couple of corrections, he realized what we wanted of him. It was the perfect solution to our issues.

In the next few weeks. My neighbors noticed a difference in the nuisance barking and now when I get off work and come home to a clean home and a happy puppy.No more notes pinned to our front door complaining about the barking, What is more. No more chewed up books or pillows and no more trash strung around the living room.

The Wellturn WT-774 remote dog collar includes 8 adjustable progressive intensity levels for vibration and statics .for more control to select the correct level needed for training. It also has blue backlit LCD indicating intensity level. Correction can be given from up to 880 yards away and the collar itself is fully waterproof.

I would absolutely recommend this collar to anyone with a dog that is hard-headed or difficult to train. It worked on our LeLe, who is incredibly stubborn, so if it can work on him, I believe it can work on any pet.

There are more different choices about dog training collars and bark control collar ,and electric dog fence system. Find what your need at a reasonable price and start  a amazing training adventure with your love dog.

Electronic Collar Make Everything So Easy

Even though the dog bring a lot happiness to you.there are still certain behavior challenges we all have to face.

The dog usually doesn’t understand why he is being punished,and it creates side-effects that are worse than the behavior you were trying to stop.

According to a survey, It shows 5 common bad habits of their dogs would dog owners most like to stop.



As the old saying, “All dogs chew.”  your shoes, Sofa, off course, pillows, anything you can imagine in your house. Dog toy, maybe it is a very useful way to teach dogs not to chew others. Some dogs like dog toy ,but others don’t. So, Dog toy is not for every dog.


Barking is a big and common problem for any owners . I already write a article named a “HOW I USE NO BARK DOG COLLAR” .Dogs bark for all kinds of reasons. You can punish them when they are barking in inappropriate time and places. A dog can say stop , you can.


Potting in the house

I think this is probably one of the biggest pet peeves for everyone who has pets in their home; It is not just mean you have clean your house again. It also means the spread of bacteria and diseases .it’s also one of the top reasons dogs are relinquished to shelters each year.

Leash pulling

Another very common complaint.Never let your dog pull you to anything, it just rewards him for pulling. If your dog is big , then maybe you will do more exercises to hold your leash tight enough.

Stealing Food

I just can’t stand my dog steal my food. It is not health for both of us. And it can be dangerous if it contains harmful ingredients.


How to deal with these problems?


Above all these bad habits you dog may have, you can teach your pets very patiently and slowly.

You also can use electronic collar to training your dog in a very easy way.



Electronic dog collars have been the top choice of dog lovers and professional trainers. Train your pet safely to control problem barking, chewing, running and jumping. Now you will be able to take your companion anywhere without the worry of bad behavior.


It including remote dog collar, bark control collar, electric pet fencing. You can choose what you really want based on your true needs. I choose Shenzhen Wellturn Technology Co., Ltd , which specializes in design, research and development and sale of electronic pet products for 12 years.


Much safer and more effective than choke or pinch collars. Fully Rechargeable & Waterproof. Train up to two dogs and three dogs with one transmitter. Beep, shock and vibration functions. adjustable on the fly, no scrolling though menus to make adjustments. Separate, color coded buttons for each correction mode.



I believe with your love and e-collar, you dog will bring you more joys and less problems.


My dog just can’t stop barking

Lele,a poodle dog.Since I took him to my home. He just barked a lot ,some times even in middle night. It really made my neighbors tired.there are several times some neighbors came to my house to talk with me about the noisy sound he made. In order to prevent my parents not to give the dog away, so I had to fix the barking problem .

I analysis why he loves barking all the time. Then I know he is a compulsive barker which means when he hear the sound of voices.He often make repetitive movements .I googled that how-to-buy-a-dog-bark-collar . Then I secretly bought a no bark dog collar named Wellturn pet intelligent anti bark collar PD-258-S online. I was kind of nervous about using this electronic collar .All i wanted to know is that is this training collar hurts my dog. As a dog person , my dog’s health is all i care about. So I must be careful with it.

Try to use dog training electronic collar

Firstly. I read the instructions and looked the video “how to use PD-258-S dog training collar “.After that I followed the steps to receiver collar. I choose vibration mode and set the middle level to test.

Then I just waited he to start barking. Suddenly He started barking to a deliver guy. The collar he was wearing was start vibrating. He just felt the vibration energy that made him uncomfortable. He just stop barking immediately and looked at me. I think he started being afraid of this electronic collar.

In the next days. When he started excessive barking, the collar will work to let him stop .Lele just stop barking anymore. As I can see, He did learn what time he should stop bark . As a result. Excessive barking problem solved by using this no bark dog collar.

Suggestions about using no bark dog collar

The first step is figuring out what causes your dog to bark too much. Once you know why he is barking, you can start to treat his barking problem.Getting your dog to bark less will take time, work, practice, and consistency. It won’t happen overnight, but with proper techniques and time, you can see progress.
Off course. Using electric shock bark collar is a easy to solve the excessive barking problem. Distinguish barking from ambient noise. No bark collar delivers sound and vibrations with each bark. No bark collar is stop barking dog devices that sends a harmless static shock to the dog whenever it barks. humane, cost-effective and harmless to your dog.There are also more choices about no bark dog collars.

Most Important: Have patience and be consistent.

The Misunderstandings About Dog Shock Collar.

Remote dog training shock collar for dogs

Dog Shock Collars Are Inhumane?

–“I think dog shock collars are cruel and inhumane.”

–“They damage the relationship between dog and owner. I’ve never used one .”

–“You should not sell those dog shock collars anymore.”

As a China’s professional dog training collar supplier.We heard  a lot this questions about our shock collars.  there are some misunderstandings in customers and dog lovers.

We hate to use the word “dog shock collar” . Seriously. Most users search for that term, so we use it for our search results; however, a dog shock collar really should be called a remote electronic training collar or an e-collar. In order to let people to know dog shock collar in the right way . we should post this to explain what the dog shocks collar really are  ?

A shock collar as a way to try to control bad behavior such as barking and jumping is very useful in dog training collar.Shock collars for dogs: either love them or hate them. There is not a lot of middle ground.People have formed a lot of opinions based on the opinions of others concerning shock collars. Not too many of these opinions about shock collars are based upon first hand knowledge or fact.

How Does A Shock Collar Work?

It works by sending an electric current through metal contact points within the collar. When a dog engages in an undesirable behavior, those metal contact points send an electric shock into the dog’s neck to discourage him from engaging in that behavior again.

If the product is from a reputable manufacturer, the short answer is no: a dog shock collar does not hurt your dog.

A correctly designed dog training collar, utilizes an electrical stimulation that produces a shallow pulse wave that feels like a “punch” on the skin. This pulse wave is more like the feeling of a static shock. So it is totally safe to your dog.

Shock collars are not the torture devices they are often portrayed to be. Nor are they the magic bullet to fix everything that is wrong with your dog. They are a tool, and in certain circumstances, this tool can be used to shape and modify dog behavior. There are other tools available as well, apart from the shock collar. Some of these are positive and some are negative. With any tool, one has to know how to use it in order for it to be effective.

Advantaged of Shock Collars

1. Adjustable Intensity

2. Fast Results

3. You Don’t Need to Be Present

4. Affordable

If you are planing to buy a dog shock collar. Hope this post can solve all the questions you have.We believe that If you know how to use the dog training collar , your dogs’ behavioral issues will be promoted.

As our company promised. We Wellturn care your dog more.


safe dog pet stop barking anti bark training control collar

The change of the dog’s barking collar WT-165A and WT-165B

On June 22, 2017, Wellturn pet training products suppliers released two innovative dog bark control collar  WT-165A and WT-165B.Get a good sales.

safe dog pet stop barking anti bark training control collar

Product Description

The no bark collar combines vibration with optional 7levels static impulses in a proven and safe formula. Our no bark collar is more effective and more humanized training for pets, vibration and shock which is controlled by a microprocessor distinguishing your dog’s bark from other environmental noises and automatically delivers vibration and shock after each bark. Through this unique no bark collar to increase strongly your dogs’ memory, which is confirmed a faster, less painful, more human no bark collar.

The best no bark collar is waterproof and rechargeable, with multi-color option and big LCD display. Easy to operate during training.


– Rechargeable and waterproof no bark collar;
– Waterproof Grade: IPX6
– LCD display shows the levles of no bark collar;
– Multi-color option for the no bark collar: Orange, Blue, Silver, Gold, Matt black and Shiny black;
– 7 levels sensitivity adjustable;
– 2 VERSIONS CHOICE TO Fit Each countries standard;
– Beep, vibration and static shock training;


We are a manufacturer and a international trader of Pet Items.
With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, our products are extensively sold in different countries.
Our products are widely recognized and trusted by users and can meet continuously developing economic and social needs.
We welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to contact us for future business relationships and achieving mutual success!

Shenzhen Wellturn Technology Co.,Ltd is China’s top dog training collar supplier.

Below is our company mission:

Main body:We are not only the manufacturer, we are the seller. If you are a shopkeeper, we are your best supplier.
Time: Our package will be shipped within 2 days after delivering.
Service: We are professional sales team. have a professional sales team Our online time service is up to 20 hours a day.We can not only provide you free return service, but also help you to improve your sales to achieve a win-win solution.

Thank you very much for reading this article.

remote dog training devices 2 dogs

Wholesale Pet Training Collars

Wellturn offers wholesale training collars, including battery replaceable shock collars, rechargeable training collars and sport dog trainers. Sources for wholesale training collars are diminishing as the pet industry continues to undergo consolidation. Pet Stores have fewer choices every year. Too often smaller pet stores are forced to pay higher prices and higher deliver fees, prices and fees which are not passed on to their larger competitors. Wellturn offers an alternate source for wholesale training collars. Our wholesale shock collars are name brand training and sport dog collars, not low quality imports. We believe that to succeed in the pet industry you need to offer quality.

Wholesale Battery Replaceable Training Shock Collars

Our replaceable battery training collar package contains an electronic dog collar with a receiver that is attached to it and hand-held remote control transmitter that sends radio signal to the collar. The collar produces an electrical stimulation to the dog’s skin. The intensity of the stimulation can be controlled by using the transmitter. The released electrical shock is unpleasant but not dangerous to your dog’s health and will discourage him from continuing. In this manner, your pet will learn to associate the unpleasant stimulation with the unnecessary behavior.

Wholesale Pet Training Collars

This replaceable battery training dog collar is among the safest, most humane and effective training products you can buy. Used properly, the collar’s electronic stimulation serves as a distraction that your dog will find undesirable. By obeying, your dog quickly learns to shut off the stimulation, thus gaining confidence in response to your commands. Like many of our training products, this collar has adjustable stimulation levels. The new 2 level boost allows you to jump up through two of the stimulation levels. This feature allows you to use the level that matches your dog’s temperament.

Wholesale Rechargeable Training Shock Collars

NEW rechargeable Training Collars set a new standard. The difference is in the sleek, streamlined contoured comfortable fit collar — 30% smaller and lighter than other training collar receivers. The rechargeable training collars are Superior, Smarter, and Safer than any other systems. Technology makes the difference.

remote dog training devices 2 dogs

The rechargeable training shock collars are the Only systems which incorporate Lithium Ion Technology. The Only system where the receiver is incorporated into the Collar. The Only system where the receiver is contoured to your dogs neck. The Only systems which performs a self diagnostic. The Only system which automatically tests for proper collar fit. The Only system which provides instant feedback on battery strength. The rechargeable dog training shocks collars are hands down the most Superior, the Smartest and the Safest training collars available for your dog.

This system is the quickest way to safely train your dog. We’ve taken elements of our best-selling training collars and added the collar that consumers told us they want! The sleek, ultra-thin collar offers cutting edge technology and is lighter and more comfortable than other dog training collar.

Wholesale Sport Dog Collars

Sport dog training collar is another good contribution purposely made to help and train dog, the man’s best friend. Sport dog training collars have actually the same purpose with “dog trainers” because this outstanding system gives your dog the idea of being trained while wearing it.

remote dog training devices 2 dogs

Our best collar dog training device has state of the art features that will match any criteria every owner wants to have in training their dogs. As a matter of fact, the products we provide are considered as the best dog training collar system in the industry. It is not the usual type because most dog training collars are really extraordinary with its new and exciting features such as being waterproof, rechargeable, with beeper modes, with LCD layouts and can operate multiple dogs of any sizes.

At the same time, these products can also be your most reliable training product to carry into the field. Because of this, the sport dog training collar that we provide is known to be the exact answer to your needs! You can directly talk to your pet and then your dog will instantly hear it. You can do this with the use of the featured product transmitter as well as the submersible collar receiver. The collar is comfortable enough and won’t suffocate your dog. So whenever emergency comes in, your dog will be capable to instantly hear and follow your instructions.

Thank you very much for reading our articles.

dog bark collar pd-258-l and pd-258-s

Dog bark collar PD-258-L and PD-258-S

We began to research new no bark dog collar PD-258 series in May 2016. After half years efforts, they finally are on the
market. PD-258 series no bark dog collar include 2 models:
PD-258-L and PD-258-S.These 2 models are very similar and it is very difficult to distinguish them on the market.
Today, we want to let you know the common and difference of these two models.


1.Same appearance.
2.Same modes: sound / vibration / static shock
3.Same levels:1-5 levels


1. Different intensity level:

The PD-258-L is suitable for medium and large dogs (3-33 lbs), PD-258-S is suitable for small dogs (20-180 lbs). And the corresponding intensity level is different, PD-258-L is more strong.

2. Different accessories:

PD-258-L is equipped with TPU strap. The PD-258-S is equipped with nylon strap.
PD-258-L is equipped with a 5V-300mA charging plug (different plugs optional EU US UK CN AU)

dog remote training collar change

3. Different package:

PD-258-L and PD-258-S with different size package

PD-258-L PD-258-S
Image  wellturn-dog-bark-collar-pd-258-l wellturn-dog-bark-collar-pd-258-s
Packing Carton Carton
Tray size 14.5X10X6CM 8X7.5X4.5CM
Amount per box 60PCS 160PCS
Carton size 44.5X40X31CM 44X39X33CM
Net weight 13KG 18KG
Gross weight 14KG 19KG

4. Different prices:

If you want a detailed quotation, please let us know, we will send a detailed offer sheet to your private mail inside. But please let us know how to contact you first!

Best Citronella Barking Collar

Best Citronella Barking Collar

First of all what I need to inform you that Citronella bark collar have number of advantages . Some website can give you information that citronella bark collar is the best dog bark collar, To facilitate your purchase.

The positive aspects of using the collar:

1.These collars are better than ultrasonic bark collars
2. Dogs don’t like smell of citronella and it is good way to stop barking.
3. It works without any pain
4. Effective for small dogs and medium sized dogs.

When it comes to buy citronella anti-bark collar people try to find good branded unit. So I recommend you to find out what kind of these branded collars are fit for your dog.

Best Citronella Barking Collar

Best Citronella Barking Collar

Wellturn Citronella Bark Collar,If training just doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, you might want to consider adding some paw-sitive reinforcement and this citronella collar might be the thing you’ve bee s-praying for. All jokes aside, we love the Wellturn Citronella Bark Collar JB-S collar as an addition to your already-in-place training regime because it’s a cinch to operate, it’s harmless to your pet and family, and it holds up to 25 sprays. Each box comes with a nylon collar and spray device, a three-oz. can of stain-free, citronella spray, Usb charging line, charging once can work 8-10 days to solve the problem you often go to the store to buy dry batteries., and an operating guide. It also works on dog six pounds and up, and six months and older, so you don’t have to wait for your dog to develop a nasty barking habit to add in this training option.


1.Market comment is very good. Has the potential value of investment.
2.Low price and low investment risk.
3.There is a huge consumer market.

Thank you very much for reading our articles,To find out more about Citronella Bark Collar,Please contact us, we will give you the corresponding quotes and details.