Wellturn CSB-12 Ultrasonic Bird House Box Outdoor Dog Bark Control

Wellturn CSB-12 Ultrasonic Waterproof Bird House Box Outdoor Dog Bark Control Device

Main Features

√  Use ultrasonic sound to deter unwanted barking
√  Attractive and discreet bird house design looks great in your home or yard
√  Detects barks up to 50 feet with the use of an internal microphone
√  Four adjustable ultrasonic volume levels – test, low, medium, and high
√  Battery (9-volt) operated with 2 LED battery power level indicator
√  Durable and weatherproof for outdoor use
√  Suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs
√  Pre-assembled, easy set-up, requires low maintenance

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This product aims to solve excessive, noisy dog barking by emitting an ultrasonic sound to silence the dog. The ultrasonic frequency is not harmful to pets and completely inaudible to human ears. The sensitive microphone isolates and picks up barking up to 50 feet away to solve your dog’s or your neighbor’s dog’s disturbing barking problem. Perfect solution for peace and quiet from loud pets. Designed for easy hanging/mounting on a tree, wall or fence post to keep your own dog or your neighbors’ dog from barking. Safe and effective for all sizes and breeds of dogs.

Packing Detail
Outdoor bark control X 1
Operating Guide X 1
wrist strap X 1
Package List
PACK STYLE: Color box 
NET Weight (kg): 8KGS
GROSS Weight (kg): 9KGS
CTN/SIZE (cm): 56*32*32cm
Single Packing : 15.5*13.5*15cm


100% Harmless to dogs and humans

User ultrasonic sound to deter nuisance barking. Completely safe and does not harm dogs. No electric shock, no liquid propellant is used. It is the safest, most humane and used widely way to keep your own dog or your neighbors dog from barking.

4 adjustable ultrasonic volume levels – test, low, medium, and high.

1=Low range – up to 15 feet
2=Medium range – up to 30 feet
3=High range – up to 50 feet
Test – used to verify the microphone and speaker are functional

Attractive and discreet birdhouse design

Simple and decent bird house design looks great in your home or yard. Designed for easy hanging or mounting on a tree, wall or fence post to keep your own dog or your neighbors dog from barking. Durable and weatherproof for outdoor use.

Ultrasonic Waterproof Bird House Box Outdoor Dog Bark Control Device

When the outdoor bark control is within the range of a barking dog, an internal microphone picks up the sound and the unit is automatically activated. The outdoor bark control emits an ultrasonic sound. The ultrasonic sound can be heard by dogs but is silent to humans. Startled by the high-pitched sound that is safe and effective, the dog should stop barking, as it will associate its bark with this unpleasant noise. When the dog stops barking the ultrasonic sound also stops. The outdoor bark control has 3 range levels and a test mode. It is effective up o 50 feet.
Note: If the dog is deaf or hearing impaired, he may not react to the outdoor bark control.


1. Do you offer OEM service ?

Of course, we accept OEM orders for all our pet production lines, including client’s logos, labels new packaging box etc. Just tell us your ideas and requirements, our R&D team can turn your idea into the concrete products, and help you to pass the relative testing standards, ensure the smoothly mass production, help you to achieve profit maximization.

2. Do you offer ODM service?

Yes, to meet different customers’ needs from all over the world, each year we will reinvest 10% of our annual revenue for new product development.

3. Can you supply with a small quantity order or sample order ?

In order to do help for our customers’ business and have long term WIN-WIN cooperation, we keep some inventory with complete colorful ways for cater your diversity needs, we can accept small quantity as a sample order .

4. How to place a sample order ?

We offer charged samples according to the clients’ requirements. The samples will be shipped to you within 24 hours after order confirmation (if without any logo). Sample are not free offer, but if your order cost up to 20,000 usd, the sample cost can be refund

5. What is your payment method?

T/T, Paypal, Western Union, Escrow, LC etc.


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