19th International Pet Supplies Exhibition


No matter large company or small company, exhibitions provides a good business opportunities for both of them. For Wellturn, participate in more exhibitions is also an important factor to accelarate our rapid growth. Our company was invited to attend the Shanghai CIPS Pet Exhibition on November 3th, 2015 .

Due to inadequate preparation at 2014 Beijing CIPS Pet Exhibition ,we paid more attention this time. Think carefully about all the details to be well prepared. Of course, the most important things are show style, products and our smile.

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Exhibition Products

According to our market research, we choosed three kinds of product :Dog Training Collar, Dog Bark Collar, Pet Electronic Fence. Please refer to the following products for more details.

Show Our Service

Our unique display style attracted a lot of people’s attention,some of then are pet industry leader and some of them are newcomers to this field. No matter what kind of person, we will answer their product questions seriously with our warm smile. At the same time, we also received a lot of praise. This is our most important harvest.

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wellturn partner pet trade shows 2015
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Partners From Around The World

After the exhibition, we took pictures with our customers. Hope that we can create a harmonious and warm world for our pets.

Recent Exhibitions

2016 american pet exhibition

American Orlando GPE Pet Show

This time to reach the American Orlando GPE Pet Show, let us gain more, let us and the world. Let the world see the light of our wellturn.

China International Pet Supplies Exhibition

Wellturn participated in China’s largest international pet supplies exhibition.Let us learn more, gain more.Has also been praised by many people at home and abroad.

The-20th-China International-PET Show

The first time to participate in the international CIPS exhibition. The exhibition gave us not just a platform. It is a chance to grow. Thank you very much for this exhibition, so that more people know wellturn.

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Beijing CIPS Pet Exhibition

This is our most important Exhibition because of our capital in Beijing. This exhibition is very successful, let us once again Exhibition the world wellturn powerful strength.

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