If you are reading this post, you are probably doing your dog training. There’s a lot of information about how to train a dog to do certain things with a variety of methods, It is not difficult, but you really have to avoid the dog training mistakes when training your lovely partner. Keep this in mind: Dog training mistakes are not the dog’s fault, but yours. Many dog owners make mistakes without doubting them after listening to bad advice or reading something online. To help you avoid frustration, the following are common training mistakes new dog owners make so you can avoid them.

Being too dependent on luring

Luring is a positive method to train your dog and every dog owner has done it before. For example, when you want your dog to “down”, you hold the food in front of your dog’s while it is sitting, then lower it to the floor and feed him the food.

But one thing many dog owners will forget: to gradually removing the lure. If you don’t do it in the early training process, your dog can be dependent on the treats to finish what you want it to do. So, once your dog can complete the little task for the lure, you should really start to fade the treats. What you want to achieve is that your dog listens to your words.

Wrong timing

When your dog has done something right, you have to tell it. It is suggested to use a short word, like “yes”, as a reward marker. This is when the timing comes in: you need to immediately (within 2 seconds) follow up with a reward.

Some new owners tend to be surprised by the dog getting the action done and say something like “good boy” for 4 or 5 seconds before offering the reward. If the reward comes too late, you may inadvertently associate the award with a wrong action instead of the one you want. The worst case is you might end up training your dog to do a highly undesirable behavior.

Training when in a bad mood

Each dog has its own pace of understanding concepts and dog training really takes time, which is why we need the patience to train a dog. When you are frustrated, don’t do dog training, because you tend to be more likely to get irritated by your dog not doing the action done. This will only make the training harder and longer because your dog will be stressed out too.

Dog training should be a part of family entertainment, so training can’t be healthy and effective unless both you and your dog are having fun. If you had a bad day, just put the training aside and hang out with your dog. Your lovely friend will be therapeutic for you.

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