When you’re having a new dog in your home, dog training could be the next time to do. If you want to train your dog more quickly and efficiently, some tools can be a great helper. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on dog training supplies to start your dog training, but there are some essential tools that can make the training process much easier. Also, some of them can make training a fun interaction for you and your dog and enhance your relationship.

If you are finding out which dog training tool is a must-have, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a list of 3 essential dog training tools that you need for training your dog for any behavior.

Shock Collar

A shock collar is a device used to train dogs to respond to particular commands and to remove unwanted behavior. When a dog is not compliant or unwanted behavior occurs, a shock collar is able to produce a mild electric current that stings the dog’s neck. Shock collars have been used by many dog owners or dog trainers who use them professionally. Shock collars differ in the way the shock is triggered. For instance, bark collars are triggered by the vibration of the dog’s vocal cords, or by the sound of barking. Other shock collars can be activated by a handheld remote-control device held by the owner or trainer when an unfavorable behavior occurs.


A clicker is a small tool hold in your hand to make a “click” sound when your dog has performed the correct behavior. This tool is designed to “mark” your desirable behavior so your dog can associate the “click” with a reward. Using a clicker in training is an effective positive reinforcement training. It is cheap and available at any pet store.

Treat/Treat Pouch

A strong positive reinforcement dog training requires a lot of treats. Some owners prefer to use praise, but honestly, your dog needs to be interested and motivated to do training exercises with you, and you also need to let him/her know he/she is doing the correct behavior. Treats should be small. Some treats are pre-sized for training while others can be broken apart to small ones.

Of course, you may also want to have a washable and stink-resistant treat pouch to keep treats close at hand. There are a number of treat pouches available at any dog supply stores. If you don’t want to wash a pair of stinky pants, just go buy one.

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