Having a dog as a pet can be very rewarding, but taking care of them can be tricky for first-time owners. Here are a few of the common mistakes that you should try to avoid.

Not Considering Your Dog’s Energy Level Beforehand

People often fall in love with adorable pups who seem like a lot of fun only to realize that their dog doesn’t have an off switch, and their family just can’t keep up. Alternatively, very active people probably don’t want low energy or older dogs who won’t be able to keep up with them. Your new dog’s energy level must be the same or lower than yours or your households.

Not Fulfilling Your Dog’s Need for Exercise Discipline and Affection

Whether your dog is incredibly high energy or a couch potato that prefers to lay around, your dog needs structure to stay balanced. You always need to provide exercise, discipline, and affection, and stay consistent for best results. You should have a schedule for your dog’s meals, work, and playtime and always take your pup for at least two walks each day.

Not Being Consistent

If you want your dog to truly understand the rules of the house and the expectations you have for it, you need to be consistent with it, even though there is a lot of new training tools that can make the training process easier, like remote dog training collar. This is especially important if you are co-parenting a dog with a partner or a family. Following through and being consistent, no matter who the person or the external situation will make your dog learn a lot quicker, and will give them more time to relax.

Neglecting Vet Appointments

It’s really easy to skip a vet appointment, but going to the vet regularly can be a life-or-death matter, otherwise, your dog can miss out on shots that protect them from a variety of diseases and conditions. Regular check-ups are also important for catching potential problems before they become too serious

Feeding Them Human Food

It may seem harmless to offer your dog scraps from the table or feed them a portion of what you’re eating, but this can cause huge problems. First of all, some people foods make dogs sick, and in some cases can even kill them. Moreover, it’s not good for dogs to eat many of the spices and other things that we add to our foods. If you’re going to give human food to your dog, make sure you do your research and talk to your veterinarian.