Socialization and good behavior are important for a family dog, which is why every dog owner should invest time and energy in obedience training. Whether you train your dog yourself or hire a private trainer, there are some basic tips you should know before you start your dog training.

70 Days Is the Best Age for Potty Training

Don’t be disappointed if you feel you are going nowhere in your dog potty training, because your dog could be too young for it. Before 70 days of age, most dogs haven’t developed the neurological control to hold back and they will just piddle or poop whenever they feel they need to. At 70 days, your dog will be able to select his preferred surface and make a connection between the scent and surface of the potty spot.

Understand How Your Dog Learns Things

One key to successful dog training is you can communicate with your dog. To communicate clearly and consistently with your dog, you have to understand the way he learns. Generally speaking, dogs tend to get good things and avoid bad things in life. If a behavior results in a reward, like food, your dog will do that more often.

Reward His Good Behavior

Dogs need encouragement. Reward your dog for his good behavior with positive reinforcement, like food, toys, playtime, and praise. Let him know what he did was right.

Keep Training Short

Dogs have a very short attention span, so don’t make the training sessions to long. The best choice is to focus on one skill and practice one command for 5 minutes at a time. For example, 2 5-minute sessions in a day are more effective than 1 20-minute session in a day.

Use the Same and Simple Words

Dogs don’t understand a complicated phrase, so owners should use words like “sit” and “come” as commands. They can also be confused when people are using different words for the same thing. If “sit” is the word your dog learns, don’t use commands like “Ollie, sit” or “sit down”. Besides, make sure your family members use the same word consistently.

Don’t Call Your Dog’s Name When There Is an Unwanted Behavior

When unwanted behaviors occur, you should simply say “no” instead of “Ollie, no”. A reprimand including his name will give him a misunderstanding that he may be getting scolded whenever you call his name.

Be Patient

Dog training takes time, which could be much longer than you thought before getting your dog. You should see dog training as a process where you and your lovely friend are bonding and having fun. With patience and persistence, your hard work will finally pay off and you and your dog will be proud of your achievement.

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