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Caring for Your Dog During Winter

Winter has arrived and the snow is building up outside. While it is fun to watch your adorable dog run, jump and play in the beautiful white snow, it can also have a negative impact on his or her health. Dog owners are presented with the challenge of providing their dog with a safe winter […]

5 Tips to Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Dog owners find ways to make their dog feel appreciated and well cared for. Dogs are considered part of the family and provide affection, companionship, playfulness and much more to their owners. Keeping your dog healthy and surrounding him or her with an environment that encourages healthy living is essential to his or her well […]

Does My Dog Like to be Petted?

It seems like a dog’s head and a person’s hand were meant to go together. But, why do dogs like to be pet so much, and what are the best places to pet a dog? Prepping to Be Pet Have you ever heard the saying, “Let sleeping dogs lie?” Although all dogs like a good […]

How Many Dog Breeds Are There?

In their range of size and appearance, dogs are one of the most diverse species on the planet. It can be hard to believe the tiny Chihuahua and the giant Great Dane are almost identical on a genetic level. But their vastly different ears, paws, and temperaments are largely due to selective breeding by humans. […]

Dogs in the Snow

It is always exciting to get a fresh snowfall and dogs are just as excited as us to romp out in the snow. Dogs make perfect play pals on snowy days. Try the following fun exercises the next time you play with your dogs in the snow: Have a snowball fight. Dogs like to chase […]

Winter Training Tips for Your Dog

Cold weather and freezing temperatures can cause dog owners to stay indoors for a long period of time. While this is not hazardous to health, it does impact the well-being of your dog. Daily training is required for most dog breeds and lessening this can cause a variety of issues. Your dog can become bored […]

Levin Gets His New Car!

It is part of Wellturn’s policies that the company will purchase a car for anyone whose annual sales revenue exceeds over ten million RMB. It was announced at the Christmas Party that our sales rep, Levin, is getting his new car because his sales revenue reached the required number. Having been with the company for […]

2018 Christmas Party at Wellturn

In China, people don’t get to take the day off on Christmas Day. However, here in Wellturn Technology, we did get to take half of our day off to celebrate this joyful and holly festivity. We started off by watching a really good movie, “Glory Road”, which is an American sports drama film directed by […]

Tips for Teaching Your Dog to Catch a Frisbee

Nothing is more impressive than watching a dog chase down and catch a frisbee midair. Some dogs have a natural knack for these kinds of things but even if your dog doesn’t, you might be able to teach him. Keep reading to learn some helpful tips for teaching your dog to catch a frisbee. Getting […]

Tips for Teaching Your Dog to Run with You

Exercise is just as important for your dog’s health as for your own and running can be a great way to work off some of your dog’s excess energy. Though many dogs love to run, they don’t always know how to run properly on a leash – it may take a bit of preparation and […]