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How to Train Your Dog Not to Bite

Puppies are like little piranhas. They’re harmless to look at but if you’re reached down to touch, you’re likely to a bloody finger wondering what the heck happened.   All puppies go through the biting phase, which lasts anywhere from about 2-4 months after you get them, so usually by the time they’re about 5 […]

How to Train Dogs Not to Bark

Barking is your puppy’s way of verbally communicating with you and it’s a totally normal thing. While barking is okay in certain situations, like playing with another dog or letting you know someone’s at the door, there is a point when it becomes excessive.   The earlier you can teach him to use his indoor […]

How to Potty Train Your Dog

Potty training is an important step in ensuring a happy and healthy relationship between you and your puppy. It is actually very easy. It just requires consistency and commitment on your part. Follow the following steps and it will be done within a few weeks. Step 1: Monitor Their Behavior   Pay attention to when […]

Is My Dog Too Old for Training

We always suggest that you can start training your puppy at 8 weeks old. But will a dog be too old for training? The quick answer here is NO.   Some owners are told that if your dog is 2-year-old or 3-year-old, he’s not going to change his behaviors. Well, keep this in mind: there’s […]

How Do Shock Collars Work

Shock collars include remote dog training collars, bark collars, and electric dog fence collars. They are devices that use static stimulation to help dog owners or trainers discipline dogs and reinforce positive behaviors to them. Despite the fact that there have been arguments on if these collars are safe or inhumane, shock collars have been […]

3 Essential Dog Training Tools

When you’re having a new dog in your home, dog training could be the next time to do. If you want to train your dog more quickly and efficiently, some tools can be a great helper. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on dog training supplies to start your dog training, but […]

Benefits of Using a Shock Collar

A shock collar is a device used to train pets to respond to particular commands and to remove unwanted behavior. When a dog is not compliant or unwanted behavior occurs, a shock collar is able to produce a mild electric current that stings the dog’s neck. Shock collars have been used by many dog owners […]

Let Your Kids Be Involved in Dog Training

When a new dog is first introduced to your family, your kids start to have one of the happiest experiences in their lives. Getting your kids to help with dog training is very important. It helps to create a well-mannered dog and build better relationships between them. The following tips for involving children in dog […]

7 Things You Should Know Before Training Your Dog

Socialization and good behavior are important for a family dog, which is why every dog owner should invest time and energy in obedience training. Whether you train your dog yourself or hire a private trainer, there are some basic tips you should know before you start your dog training. 70 Days Is the Best Age […]