A shock collar is a device used to train pets to respond to particular commands and to remove unwanted behavior. When a dog is not compliant or unwanted behavior occurs, a shock collar is able to produce a mild electric current that stings the dog’s neck. Shock collars have been used by many dog owners or dog trainers who use them professionally.

Despite that many people (most of them even haven’t used the device once) are quick to jump to the conclusion that these collars are inhumane, they offer many benefits over other standalone behavior modification methods.

Effective Behavioral Change

Norwegian researchers have found that the correct use of shock collars can lead to durable learning. The Physical stimulation that is provided by shock collars will produce a more rapid response than any other noise maker such as voice, clicker or whistling because dogs tend to lock out auditory stimulus when they are concentrating on something which has caught their interest. With shock collars, your dogs will quickly associate the feeling on the neck with the unwanted behavior you are trying to correct.


A quick response to unwanted behavior is key to successful dog training. At the moment your dog begins to misbehave, you can deliver the signal to him instantly with a quick reminder using the e-collar. In this way, you have access to a very rapid reaction to your dog’s behavior with no time wasted on taking up slack on a leash or catching the running dog.

Off-Leash Training

As long as the leash comes off, a shock collar will be the main mode to control and communicate with your dog, which makes off-leash training much easier and less stressful. Your dog can enjoy the freedom life has to offer and you can also hang out with a friend in a distance. Whenever unwanted behavior occurs to your dog, you are able to reach out to influence his decisions and help keep them safe.


Compared to other methods of training, such as hiring a dog trainer or behaviorist or attending training classes, shock collars are really inexpensive. They can cost from $20 to $200 depending on brands and features. To carry out obedience training for your dog, a shock collar is absolutely a cheap alternative that will get the job done.

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