How important is battery life for E collar 2019

In the era of high dependence on electronics, it’s hard to without using electronics. we use the camera, switches, and smartphones in these years. What affects us most is the electricity storage of electronics. It will affect the mood of the product experience. When I use a cellphone, I will choose the long battery life […]

Why we need E-collar?

Why we need E-collar? What is E-collar? Why we need E-collar? Electronic collars were first used in vocational training dogs and until recently became popular. Actually, Electronic collar divided into two categories remote dog training collar and bark collar. Remote dog training collar focuses on give instructions to dogs and bark collar is detect barking […]

The 20th China International PET Show (CIPS 2013)

PET TRADE shows are very important events for anyone in the PET INDUSTRY to attend. They are filled with the latest products, useful seminars, of course, If you are interested in upping your product in PET RETAIL,Then you have to attach great importance to all the exhibitions. A trade show experience can be invaluable to […]