Which type of dogs will the easy walk work best

I believe you must have a question about Which type of dogs will the easy walk work best for? How to make my dog be loved by every people? Or why they scared so my dog? After you read my story it will help you to solve the problem. Why I can promise you? because […]

Understand the Contexts Your Dogs Bark In

Barking is a way dogs express and communicate. It has been identified that dogs can communicate at least six different emotions through their barking. It might be hard to identify those emotions in the beginning, but it’s much easier to identify the context they bark in. Identify 3 contexts the barking occurs in: disturbance context, […]

5 Tips for First Time Dog Owners

Having a dog as a pet can be very rewarding, but taking care of them can be tricky for first-time owners. Here are a few of the common mistakes that you should try to avoid. Not Considering Your Dog’s Energy Level Beforehand People often fall in love with adorable pups who seem like a lot […]

Choose a Good Dog Harness

A great dog harness will give you full control over your pet while you’re out on a walk, and it will be comfortable for your little friend. Today we’re running through some top tips on how to choose the perfect harness for you and your dog. A harness wraps around your dog’s torso. That means […]

How To Remove Bad Smell From Dogs

The 2 most common causes of bad odor in a pet are lack of cleanliness and/or health problems. Today, we will give you the 7 best tips to help you to remove and prevent bad smells on your pet. Botched or inadequate hygiene in your dog is not the only cause that produces a bad […]

10 Interesting Facts About Dogs

1 The reason a dog’s nose is wet has to do with scent. The nose secretes a thin layer of mucus designed to absorb scent, allowing them to lick their nose and sample the scent through their mouths. 2 Dogs differentiate between food types using their sense of smell, only having one-fifth the number of […]

Plants That Are Toxic to Your Dog

If you enjoy houseplants and keep a lot of animals, you may be not aware that there are lots of different house plants that can be incredibly toxic to dogs and cat. Today we’re going to talk about toxic houseplants that are found not only in your home but also sometimes around your home. Lily […]

Tips to Keep Your Dog Calm and Safe During Fireworks

Fireworks can be fun for us, but sometimes not for dogs: they can be stressful and anxiety-provoking for them. So, it’s important to keep your dog calm and take measures to protect them during the firework time. Here are some tips to keep your dog calm and safe during fireworks: Tip 1 Close the Windows […]

Waterproof Dog Training Collar PET-610 Advantage

When you need new dog training equipment and supplies, you’re naturally looking for the best shock collars for small dogs reviews, this [New Generation] wellturn pet-610 660 Yards Dog Training Collar Rechargeable Rainproof & Intensity Adjustable E-Collar with Static Vibration Beep Automatic Anti-bark & LCD Screen Easy-carried Remote ( for 1 dog) is the best cheapest price […]

When do we use dog training collar?

Many people have unrealistic expectations about dog-dog social behavior. Dogs are expected to behave perfectly and get along with all other dogs, even though people have difficulty being universally accepting and friendly. However, although people may often disagree, argue, and sometimes resort to pushing and shoving, very few people inflict severe injuries. When tempers flare, […]