After 3 days All closed off-job experiential training,we finally won the title of EXCELLENT TEAM for the course.

This training course was organized by Alibaba Group Shenzhen Branch to encourage the enterprise middle-manager to help themselves and support a faster growth for their staff.

Wellturn to participate in Alibaba M² Plan

There were 40 companies attending this training. On the first day,we were behind during the competition.

But all of us didn’t give up and encourage with each other,and we also adjusted our management strategy,every one showed their unique ideas and suggestions on how to catch up.

We all only had a 3 hours for sleeping every night to improve all our members to do a good job on next day.

We did believe work harder and gain more,finally we showed our real potential and strong heart.

At the Graduation & Award ceremony,when the host announced that we WELLTURN won the title of Excellent Team and our sales supervisor Levin Lu won the title of Outstanding Manager

At that moment, we completely forgot all the hardships we had suffered in the past three days. All our efforts had paid off.

Then the host invited one of us to share our different feelings. Levin shared his mind to everyone. Other companies also shared theirs. When one idea was shared, it became more than one.

Wellturn to participate in Alibaba M² Plan

Opportunities always come to those who are prepared and God helps those who help themselves.

After the training,we also have a 3 months execution plan on how to improve us and our team.

Wellturn to participate in Alibaba M² Plan

Thank you for your kind understanding and support all the time.