It is fair to say that dogs are the most loyal pets we could possibly have in our families. But one of the problems is the extremely annoying excessive barking. If your dog barks more often than he should, you are supposed to educate it to stop doing so. You can be patient to train it or use technological products such as bark collars.

Let’s look at the different types of collars out there:

Static/Shock Bark Collars

As the name suggests, a static/shock bark collar is able to produce a mild electric current that stings the dog’s neck. They are available for dogs of different sizes and the levels of intensity are adjustable. Some can even automatically increase the levels of intensity based on the frequency and volume of the barking, so they are recommended for dogs who need a firmer hand. By far, static/shock bark collars are the most popular bark collars in the market. However, they can cause anxiety, stress and even pain for oversensitive dogs.

Vibration Bark Collars

Generally speaking, a vibration collar is a device that is able to detect barking by sensing vibrations in your pet’s vocal cords. When it happens, the device will kick in to stop your dog from barking. It will feel very uncomfortable when the collar begins to vibrate. For pet owners who prefer not to use a static collar, it is a practical alternative. However, vibration collars are less effective than static/shock bark collars for stubborn dogs or working dogs and there is possible that your dog can get used to the vibration and start ignoring it.

Spray Bark Collars

Spray bark collars are able to releases a burst of citronella or lemon spray near to the dog’s face to stop excessive barking. The scent of citronella or lemon is very unpleasant for dogs so they’re highly effective. Because the spray is harmless to dogs and owners, this type of bark collar has increasingly become a popular method of bark control. They are highly effective for the shy and timid dogs, but those tough ones and working dogs will quickly adapt to the device.

Ultrasonic Bark Collar

Ultrasonic bark collars emit an inaudible, high frequency and unpleasant sound. Your dog will feel irritated by the sound each time it barks even though you can’t hear it yourself. It should be pointed out that the unpleasant sonic sound has no lasting harm to dogs’ hearing. Ultrasonic collars are very suitable for training young and small dogs not to bark. However, some dogs will get used to the ultrasonic tone and start barking again after a short time of using the product.

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