I want to speak about dog training &Hollywood’s favorite pet guru Cesar Millan.inform you more about dog training.


César Felipe Millán Favela is a Mexican-American dog trainer with over 25 years of canine experience. He’s well known for his Emmy-nominated television set series Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, which was created from 2004 to 2012 and is broadcast in a lot more than 80 countries worldwide.


In December 1990, he left home to get a new life in us, crossing the border illegally. ‘I wished to be the very best dog trainer on earth. It felt such as a calling I couldn’t ignore,’ he says. Ten years later he includes a 43-acre ranch in Santa Clarita, California, a fresh house in the affluent Studio City area of LA,  a TV series syndicated to 110 countries, and a string of celebrity clients.


He says: ‘I use many techniques to rehabilitate dogs. In extreme cases – by which I mean cases where I’m the last resort before a dog is put down – these tools may be helpful. But they are just one of many techniques.


‘The processes I prefer are exercise, discipline, and affection. I realize there is debate about what techniques are “best” or right, but I focus on the fundamentals of the problem – the question of why the dog is behaving like he is. Then I know what technique from a wide range of options is the best to solve the problem.’
A-list celebrities including Scarlett Johansson, Oprah Winfrey, Charlize Theron, and Yasmin Le Bon are all fans.
Le Bon’s husband, Duran Duran star Simon Le Bon, last week tweeted:
‘What did Alan Titchmarsh say about Cesar Millan that’s seriously put my wife on the warpath? He should be afraid, very afraid! Cesar Millan is pretty close to holy in this house.’
While animal rights groups voice disquiet about a few of his methods, many on the web appeared to side with Cesar. Jessie from Stoke-on-Trent spoke for most when she posted:
‘There is no point asking a red-zone dog, as they’re called, to sit and provide him a treat.
‘His behavior demands immediate action to dominate the dog and that is what Cesar does.
‘If people took the trouble to actually watch him at work on his TV show, they might realize that dogs are not children and should never be treated as such.’
Cesar himself insists that calmness is the key to canine obedience. ‘When I approach an animal, I want to demonstrate that I’m calm,’ he says. ‘Then I ask myself what he needs. Both those considerations must come before any needs of the human. If you’re calm, the animal will pick up on that.  I believe a calm dog is a happy, obedient dog that won’t get into trouble.
‘There’s a time for excitement but it isn’t first thing in the morning. Don’t start your dog’s day with excitement.


‘We’ve got to become better at listening to what a dog is trying to tell us.  I always start off by teaching the owner to relax before I start working with their dog. Otherwise, they’re influencing their dogs negatively.’


Nor should you judge a dog by its breed, he says. ‘Don’t suspect a rottweiler or a pit bull before you’ve met it. And look at the owner. That will tell you all you need to know about the dog. Dogs don’t see themselves as breeds. When a beagle meets a pit bull, he’s not thinking: “Are you the one everyone talks about?” They see themselves as individual dogs.’ 


Actually, there is debate about what techniques are “best” or right but we focus on the fundamentals of the problem. Then we know what technique from a wide range of options is the best to solve the problem. I think the way we can solve the problem that is a good way.