When we use E collar and every electronic product, We pay close attention to work time and whether effective or not. Today, I wanna talk about the E collar battery life range and answer some questions about our user feedback.
We saw the E collar in every store, there are good looking but bad working. In general, many kinds of E collars are time-consuming, power-consuming and rough workmanship. It’s just divided into receiver and transmitter no more features. Actually, the good E collar should meet the requirements including not harming the dog, long working time.
Recently, mobile phone technology is introduced in E collar, sleep mode and reduce power consumption. It’s a new revolution for the E collar. The sleep mode and reducing power consumption rise battery service life. It solves many user’s problems that Charging the E collar all day and should not afraid of whether electricity or not.
Besides, I aggregated customer feedback for 6 often questions to answer.
Q1:Is the Vibration/Stimulationsafe for my pet?
A: While the Vibration/Stimulation is unpleasant, it is harmless to your pet. Electronic training devices require interaction and training from the owner to achieve the desired results.
Q2: How old does my pet have to be before using the Remote Training Collar?
A: Your pet should be able to recognize basic obedience commands such as “Sit” or “Stay”. Pets should be at least 6 months old before using the Training Collar.
Q3: Once my pet is trained and has been obeying my commands, will he have to continue to wear the Receiver Collar?
A: Probably not. You may need to reinforce training with the Receiver Collar from time to time.
Q4: Is the Receiver Collar waterproof?
A: It’s water-resistant/rainproof. Be sure to keep the rubber cover put in the right position and do not make the dog swim in the water.
Q5: How long can I continuously deliver Vibration/ Stimulation to my pet?
A: The maximum amount of time you can press the Stimulation Button
and deliver Stimulation to your pet continuously is 5 seconds. And the maximum amount of time you can press the Vibration Button and deliver Vibration to your pet continuously is 10 seconds
After this, Vibration/Stimulation cannot be delivered until You release and press the button again.
Q6: How long should I process my training session for my pet?
A: Training sessions should be kept positive and short, it is better for about 10-15 minutes each time.