Even though the dog bring a lot happiness to you.there are still certain behavior challenges we all have to face.

The dog usually doesn’t understand why he is being punished,and it creates side-effects that are worse than the behavior you were trying to stop.

According to a survey, It shows 5 common bad habits of their dogs would dog owners most like to stop.


As the old saying, “All dogs chew.”  your shoes, Sofa, off course, pillows, anything you can imagine in your house. Dog toy, maybe it is a very useful way to teach dogs not to chew others. Some dogs like dog toy ,but others don’t. So, Dog toy is not for every dog.


Barking is a big and common problem for any owners . I already write a article named a “HOW I USE NO BARK DOG COLLAR” .Dogs bark for all kinds of reasons. You can punish them when they are barking in inappropriate time and places. A dog can say stop , you can.

Potting in the house

I think this is probably one of the biggest pet peeves for everyone who has pets in their home; It is not just mean you have clean your house again. It also means the spread of bacteria and diseases .it’s also one of the top reasons dogs are relinquished to shelters each year.

Leash pulling

Another very common complaint.Never let your dog pull you to anything, it just rewards him for pulling. If your dog is big , then maybe you will do more exercises to hold your leash tight enough.

Stealing Food

I just can’t stand my dog steal my food. It is not health for both of us. And it can be dangerous if it contains harmful ingredients.

How to deal with these problems?

Above all these bad habits you dog may have, you can teach your pets very patiently and slowly.

You also can use electronic collar to training your dog in a very easy way.

Electronic dog collars have been the top choice of dog lovers and professional trainers. Train your pet safely to control problem barking, chewing, running and jumping. Now you will be able to take your companion anywhere without the worry of bad behavior.

It including remote dog collar, bark control collarelectric pet fencing. You can choose what you really want based on your true needs. I choose Shenzhen Wellturn Technology Co., Ltd , which specializes in design, research and development and sale of electronic pet products for 12 years.

Much safer and more effective than choke or pinch collars. Fully Rechargeable & Waterproof. Train up to two dogs and three dogs with one transmitter. Beep, shock and vibration functions. adjustable on the fly, no scrolling though menus to make adjustments. Separate, color coded buttons for each correction mode.

I believe with your love and e-collar, you dog will bring you more joys and less problems.