My dog just can’t stop barking

Lele,a poodle dog.Since I took him to my home. He just barked a lot ,some times even in middle night. It really made my neighbors tired.there are several times some neighbors came to my house to talk with me about the noisy sound he made. In order to prevent my parents not to give the dog away, so I had to fix the barking problem .

I analysis why he loves barking all the time. Then I know he is a compulsive barker which means when he hear the sound of voices.He often make repetitive movements .I googled that how-to-buy-a-dog-bark-collar . Then I secretly bought a no bark dog collar named Wellturn pet intelligent anti bark collar PD-258-S online. I was kind of nervous about using this electronic collar .All i wanted to know is that is this training collar hurts my dog. As a dog person , my dog’s health is all i care about. So I must be careful with it.

Try to use dog training electronic collar

Firstly. I read the instructions and looked the video “how to use PD-258-S dog training collar “.After that I followed the steps to receiver collar. I choose vibration mode and set the middle level to test.

Then I just waited he to start barking. Suddenly He started barking to a deliver guy. The collar he was wearing was start vibrating. He just felt the vibration energy that made him uncomfortable. He just stop barking immediately and looked at me. I think he started being afraid of this electronic collar.

In the next days. When he started excessive barking, the collar will work to let him stop .Lele just stop barking anymore. As I can see, He did learn what time he should stop bark . As a result. Excessive barking problem solved by using this no bark dog collar.

Suggestions about using no bark dog collar

The first step is figuring out what causes your dog to bark too much. Once you know why he is barking, you can start to treat his barking problem.Getting your dog to bark less will take time, work, practice, and consistency. It won’t happen overnight, but with proper techniques and time, you can see progress.
Off course. Using electric shock bark collar is a easy to solve the excessive barking problem. Distinguish barking from ambient noise. No bark collar delivers sound and vibrations with each bark. No bark collar is stop barking dog devices that sends a harmless static shock to the dog whenever it barks. humane, cost-effective and harmless to your dog.There are also more choices about no bark dog collars.

Most Important: Have patience and be consistent.