Barking is your puppy’s way of verbally communicating with you and it’s a totally normal thing. While barking is okay in certain situations, like playing with another dog or letting you know someone’s at the door, there is a point when it becomes excessive.

The earlier you can teach him to use his indoor voice, the more peaceful puppyhood and puppy parenting will be. So today we are going to talk about how to teach your puppy to stop barking.

Step 1 Teach Your Puppy That Barking Is Boring

Your puppy barks when he wants something. Try not to raise your voice or say things like “no barking”, since acknowledging him is a form of attention. So next time your pup uses his outdoor voice indoors, just ignore him. Sometimes it helps if you pretend like he’s invisible. It can be hard to tune him out, but stay strong. The more consistent you are, the better behaved he’ll be.

Step 2 Find Something Else to Do

Ask your puppy to do something you like him to do instead of barking, like “sit”. If he does it, give him a treat. Soon he’ll learn that being quiet makes fun things happen and being barky makes things boring.

Step 3 Reward Your Puppy for Being Good

Pay attention to when your puppy is naturally being calm and quiet, then give him a treat. You want to reinforce that this is the behavior that will get him the good stuff.

Step 4 Know Why Your Dog Is Barking

Usually puppies bark when they’re born. If that’s the case, try giving him more physical and mental exercise. Puppies can also bark when they’re feeling scared, whether they’re afraid of something or they just don’t want to be alone. A certified trainer can help you figure out what your puppy’s trigger is, and together you can help your pup conquer their fears.

Step 5 Introduce a Stimulus

Your puppy might bark at a certain object or person. Identify why your dog keeps barking, then try introducing a stimulus from a distance and then reward him for not barking. Then slowly reduce the distance between your dog and what’s enticing him to bark. Also, you can ask a friend to walk by a window and reward your dog for being quiet when they walk past. Increased the frequency of the person passing by and then add a few more people into the mix. Repeat the exercise and reward him to reinforce not barking.

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