how to use the dog bark collar

Some dogs get extremely worked up when visitors ring the doorbell, or when dogs walk by the house. Some spaniels and terriers bark at the drop of a hat. And Some dogs will bark whenever a leaf falls from a tree three blocks away. Barking is as characteristically doggy as wagging a tail or burying a bone. It would be inane and inhumane to try to stop your dog from barking altogether: “You’ll never bark in this town again!” After all, some barking is extremely useful. My dogs are much more efficient than the doorbell and much more convincing than a burglar alarm. The goal then, is to teach dogs normally to be calm and quiet but to sound the alarm when intruders enter your property. The barking problem may be resolved to our advantage by management and education: first, immediately reduce the frequency of barking before we all go insane; and second, teach your dog to “Woof” and “Shush” on cue.Or you can use the latest product dog bark collar
Do not leave an excessive barker outdoors. Yard-bound dogs are exposed to many more disturbances and their barks more easily penetrate the neighborhood. Leave your dog comfortably in a single room (away from the street) with a radio playing to mask outside disturbances. If you have been leaving your dog outside because he soils or destroys the house, If you leave for a short time, then you can make your dog wear a dog barking collar.
It is easier to teach your dog to shush when he is calm and focused. Therefore, teaching your dog to “Woof” on cue is the first step in “Shush” training, thus enabling you to teach “Shush” at your convenience, and not at inconvenient times when the dog decides to bark. Moreover, teaching “Shush” is now much easier because your dog is not barking uncontrollably — barking was your idea!When the doorbell rings, Praise your dog profusely when he barks (prompted by the doorbell); maybe even bark along with your dog. After a few good woofs, say “Shush” and then waggle a tasty food treat in front of his nose. Your dog will stop barking as soon as he sniffs the treat because it is impossible to sniff and woof simultaneously. Praise your dog as he sniffs quietly, and then offer the treat.Repeat this routine a dozen or so times and your dog will learn to anticipate the doorbell ringing whenever you ask him to speak. Eventually your dog will bark after your request but before the doorbell rings, meaning that your dog has learned to bark on command. Similarly, your dog will learn to anticipate the likelihood of sniffables following your “Shush” request. You have then taught your dog both to speak and shush on cue.Remember, always speak softly when instructing your dog to shush, and reinforce your dog’s silence with whisper-praise. The more softly you speak, the more your dog will be inclined to pay attention and listen.

If your dog barks loudly at night, this time to pay great attention to this matter.There must be a reason for the dog to bark at night.This time you want to get up to see if there are other dogs outside the window,Or someone who is active outside.Or no man and animal, if it is a dog barking maliciously,This time you can use the dog bark collar,When the dog barking time can give the right amount of punishment,To make sure you have a quiet night.

Teach Your Dog When to Bark

Of course some barking is necessary.You can invite your friends to train your dog when barking, when it is quiet.Let your friends go home gently when the doorbell, this time the dog if barking can give boo, and Use dog bark collar is to punish, tell the dog to do so is wrong.Once again let your friends knock on the door loudly, this time if the dog barking, then give the reward, so about five times around the dog almost know when to bark, when quiet.

The feedback rate of the dog bark collar is very high, and the good feedback occupies 98% of the ratio. We believe that through our efforts will certainly you also a well-behaved dog.