“An e-collar . it’s just a tool. You can build a house with a hammer, you can break a house with a hammer . it’s how you use it.”    –Blair Diamond

About a year ago, My husband and me decided to expand their family. We decided to adopt a puppy from the local shelter. Together they found the sweetest boxer puppy and decided to bring her home with them. They named their puppy LeLe and that same day went out to buy a bed, food and toys for their new family addition. Little did they know that they’d just adopted a canine with serious obedience issues.

After the first day, I came home from work and found Le had destroyed one of the couch pillows and had gotten into the trash in our kitchen, dragging it all over the house. I figured he was getting used to his new environment and maybe he’d acted out because of that.

LeLe didn’t stop at tearing up the house, he also barked non-stop while my husband and me were at work during the day. After two months of destruction to their house and constant barking, We decide to trying anything to fix this problem.

We were getting complaints from the neighbors and honestly, his barking was starting to drive us a little crazy too. This sweet little dog was turning into a holy terror.

We decided to do some research and came across the Wellturn dog training products. So we want to give it a try and began training LeLe .

At the first. It definitely got his attention. The minute we saw he start to do something wrong like digging in the trash or barking at our neighbors, we’d use the remote to correct his bad behavior. It worked like a charm. After only a couple of corrections, he realized what we wanted of him. It was the perfect solution to our issues.

In the next few weeks. My neighbors noticed a difference in the nuisance barking and now when I get off work and come home to a clean home and a happy puppy.No more notes pinned to our front door complaining about the barking, What is more. No more chewed up books or pillows and no more trash strung around the living room.

The Wellturn WT-774 remote dog collar includes 8 adjustable progressive intensity levels for vibration and statics .for more control to select the correct level needed for training. It also has blue backlit LCD indicating intensity level. Correction can be given from up to 880 yards away and the collar itself is fully waterproof.

I would absolutely recommend this collar to anyone with a dog that is hard-headed or difficult to train. It worked on our LeLe, who is incredibly stubborn, so if it can work on him, I believe it can work on any pet.

There are more different choices about dog training collars and bark control collar ,and electric dog fence system. Find what your need at a reasonable price and start  a amazing training adventure with your love dog.