When a new dog is first introduced to your family, your kids start to have one of the happiest experiences in their lives. Getting your kids to help with dog training is very important. It helps to create a well-mannered dog and build better relationships between them. The following tips for involving children in dog training will help your family establish a loving, trusting relationship with your new pet quickly.

Stop Your Dog from Jumping on Your Kids

When your child walks in the room, your dog could be so excited that he jumps on your kid. This is because fun and loud kids make dogs think that they are good playmates. However, it can lead to accidental injuries. Parents should have your dog on a leash and let them interact with each other. If the dog starts jumping on the kids, control the dog by slightly pulling the dog away. At the same time, tell the kids to cross his or her arms and turn around. Once the dog has calmed down, allow the child to interact with him again. Repeat this a couple of times, the dog will realize that he will get attention from the kids as long as he stays calm.

Teach the Basic Commands

Basic commands such as getting your dog to “sit”, “down” and “come” can be easily taught and your kids should not be completely left out of the process. These small tasks can help your kids feel he or she is a great helper and an important contributor in the family. In addition, kids can learn how to communicate with the dog, and the dog learns how to respond to all the family members besides adults. Parents can show their kids how and where to hold a treat and when they should give the command step by step, then help the kids do the same thing repeatedly. When the dog responds to the kid, allow the kid to give him a treat.

Get Your Kids Involved in Everyday Care

Once your dog and your kids can communicate clearly with each other with basic commands, you should allow your kids to be involved in daily feeding time. When you are going to feed your pet, tell your kids to command the dog to sit and stay, then give your kids a bowl of food or water. Allow your kids to do this and it will reinforce the bond between your child and the dog. Also, your kids will learn the importance of taking care of other lives.

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