It is part of Wellturn’s policies that the company will purchase a car for anyone whose annual sales revenue exceeds over ten million RMB. It was announced at the Christmas Party that our sales rep, Levin, is getting his new car because his sales revenue reached the required number.

Having been with the company for almost a decade, Levin has always been the last one to leave the company at night, and his hard work pays off. He holds the best sales numbers in the office, and he has been doing so on a yearly basis.

Today is the day that Levin got his new car – a brand new Honda SUV ! We all took a little time off work to celebrate Levin’s achievement. We were so excited and happy for him. We were also very thankful for Ms. Yuan and the company, to let us know that if you work hard in Wellturn, you’ll earn what you deserve.

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