I believe you must have a question about how to train my small dog? Why he /she is so naughty? What is the best bark collar for small dogs? After you read what I write it will help you to solve all the problems with that. There are two parts for this theme, Part one you will know more about your dog, and part two I will teach you how to choose bark collar.

If we want to know how to train my small dog, we need to know more about that and know more about our dog. Then we have a small test that can help you know more about your dog.<It’s just a reference not mean you must compliance about that>.

At first, you just pick it up .

Secondly,let it lay on your arm.

And look what is he/she doing.

Five kinds behavior you will see :

Some dogs obviously do not like this behavior. When you just turned them over, they tried to struggle to turn back, and no matter how many times you tried, they reacted the same.

When such a dog grows up, they will be tougher.

This kind of dog will start to resist you, but will eventually compromise and will reluctantly lie on his back. On the surface, he will obey you. There will be a little caution and certain revenge. This type of dog needs more attention and training from the owner.

if your dog lies down reluctantly at first. After a few seconds, they will struggle to turn over. This means that such dogs will initially weigh the whole situation and then make a decision.

The IQ of such dogs is generally high, and the obedience may not really well, but at least it will not deliberately make bad and mischievous. Good training can be a courage and wisdom dog

Some dogs are not forced to face the resistance, they are so soft and even happy. If they are well trained, they usually don’t cause any trouble to the owner.

Some dogs will curl into a ball, which is a good indication that they are nervous.

Dogs with this kind of reaction can easily become anxious when they hear noise or face unfamiliar environments, and may even incontinence and screaming. If you find that a dog is this type, you must pay more attention to it in the future. Only in this way can you avoid problems.

Of course, although the dog’s potential personality sets a basic direction for the dog, what kind of dog they can grow into in the future is determined by the master’s training.

Read this, you can classify your small dog, and give them corresponding love. Lucky, you read this article because someone knows you love your dogs and teach you how to love them. Why do we need to train our dogs? Because they are our kids, we hope they to be loved too, we hope they will not hurt other people too. In the next part, I will teach you how to choose the best bark collar for small dogs, and why they need it.