300M Remote Range Training Shock Collar For 3 Dogs | WT032

Main Features

1. Large LCD display and blue backlight and transmitter display
2. Multi-dog training system – training three dogs
3. Range up to 300 meters (open air).
4. Two modes of operation – vibration and stimulation.
5. Level 4 intensity adjustment and free combination
6. Set 2 different operating modes for each dog.
7. Receiver can charge design, improve work efficiency.
8. Three AAA alkaline batteries for receiver.
9. Fully waterproof new dog training device listed, the dog collar can be completely soaked in water 5 meters deep.
10. Advanced Hi-Tech Microchip and RF Modules.


EASY TO USE- TRAIN IN MINUTES – Our professional grade water-resistant receiver and collar/transmitter fits all dogs. The ingenious design with improved microchip makes it super easy to operate and train any dog, small, medium, or large. The high quality and adjustable collar provides the perfect comfort fit for your pet.
TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR DOG – With your new SF Control LCD Remote Dog Training Collar, you will have the ability to train any breed and all dogs 10 to 200 pounds. Your rainrpoof shock collar has 16 sensitivity settings and correction levels for vibration and static shock, plus a beep sound mode.Your durable electric e-collar can keep your dog from running in the street, or fighting with other animals and boasts an ultra range over 330 yards.

BASIC TRAINING WITH PUSH BUTTONS – From sit and shake, to stay and heal, your weatherproof remote device does it all. The remote has whites backlight for low light condition viewing. It also has a power saving feature to save on battery life and improve your convenience of operation.

Packing Detail
For 1 Dog   For 2 Dog
Transmitter x 1 Test Light x 1 Transmitter x 1 Test Light x 1
Receiver x 1 Charging Cable x 1 Receiver x 2 Charging Cable x 1
AAA*1.5V battery x 3 Contact Points x 4 AAA*1.5V battery x 6 Contact Points x 8
Black Collar x 1 Black Collar x 2
For 3 Dog
Transmitter x 1 Test Light x 1
Receiver x 3 Charging Cable x 1
AAA*1.5V battery x 9 Contact Points x 12
Black Collar x 3
Package List
For 1 Dog   For 2 Dog
PACK STYLE: Color box PACK STYLE: Color box
NET Weight (kg): 7.5 KGS NET Weight (kg): 12 KGS
GROSS Weight (kg): 8.5 KGS GROSS Weight (kg): 13 KGS
CTN/SIZE (cm): 43x25x39cm CTN/SIZE (cm): 43x25x39cm
Single Packing : 21×13.5×5.5cm Single Packing : 21×13.5×5.5cm
For 3 Dog
PACK STYLE: Color box
NET Weight (kg): 16 KGS
GROSS Weight (kg): 17 KGS
CTN/SIZE (cm): 43x25x39cm
Single Packing : 21×13.5×5.5cm


Correction system:

Use vibration and stimulation to train your dog
The WT-032 is an effective pet dog training solution with five button transmitters that look at them and you will know how to make it work, easy and effective. When training your dog, there are 4 intensity levels of vibration and static stimulation, and you can choose the appropriate level to train according to your dog’s response.

dog trainig collars wt-032

dog trainig collars wt-032
Dog Training Collars WT-032 How Do Buttons Work
LED Light Button Receiver light prompts, in the training which use the light to prompt the dog owner’s position.
OK Button Adjust the mode and intensity and control the dog after you can press the OK button to control the operation.
Mode Button Adjust the prompt mode button, to adjust the three modes, voice prompts, vibration tips, shock tips. According to the different dog size for different mode selection.
LEVEL Button Adjust the level of each mode, the sound prompts no level, vibration and electric shock a total of four prompt level to choose from.
Select Button Choose the need to control the dog, you can control three dogs at the same time.

To turn the Transmitter on

Dual function support DOG remote coach and dog Bach blocking
When compared to the ordinary E-neck, you can find the page, the WT-032 is special, and its dual-function system dog remepe training and automatic dog bark blocking, you can train your dog through a hand-held transmitter, or you can set The automatic excitation function on the receiver, in later cases, the training mode will automatically trigger when your dog is loud, safe and effective bark.

dog trainig collars wt-032
dog trainig collars wt-032
dog trainig collars wt-032

To turn the Receiver Collar on

Remote control up to 300M
What if your dog likes to run on the ground, or if you train two dogs at a time? Neither is a problem. The effective control of the E-collar is 300 meters. It measures the amount of space your dog can play. This item can be extended to 3 extra collars. You can get both dogs to train at the same time. . You can imagine having two dogs run quickly from one place in your garden to a simple button on your transmitter, just enjoy your time with an effective training experience.

dog trainig collars wt-032
dog trainig collars wt-032
dog trainig collars wt-032

Transmitter And Receiver Notice:

1. The transmitter will go into Standby Mode if there is no operation after 20 seconds and will turn off after 20 minutes. The receiver will go into Standby Mode if unused for 4 minutes. Any movement from the dog will activate the receiver.
2. “1/2/3” button to choose channel for connection. Channel 1 can only operate the first,receiver and Channel 2 can only operate the second receiver.Channel 3 can only operate the three
3. In working mode, if you want to reconnect the receiver to the transmitter, simply press the reset button with a pen or paper clip, there will be a beep sound to indicate that it is ready to encode.
4. The design of the receiver is to be rainproof. The rubber cover has to put in the right position to ensure rainproof.

How to find the best Vibration/Shock Level

The unit comes with Up and Down buttons to control the Vibration/Shock Level, with Level 1 being the lowest level and Level 16 being the highest. The level of Vibration/Shock best suited for your dog depends on your dog’s temperament and threshold for vibration / Shock. Always start at the lowest level and work your way up. The appropriate level can be found when the dog responds to the Vibration/Shock with a mild reaction, such as a tensing of the neck muscles. The Vibration/Shock Level may vary depending on the training situation. When highly distracted, dogs will require a higher level of Vibration/Shock.

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