330 Yards Electronic Remote Dog Training Collar | PET619

Main Features

√   Collar Size: Able to fit small, medium and large dogs. 10 lbs or Larger. TPU Collar Size from 7 to 26 inches long.
√   Includes one collar, Remote Transmitter can control up to two collars.
√   Battery Type: Rapid 2 Hour Rechargeable Lithium Batteries for Collar Receiver and Remote Transmitter
√   Water Capabilities: Waterproof Collar Receiver
√   Range: Up to 330 Yards
√   Tone/Vibration Options: 100 Levels of Vibration and Standard Tone Stimulation Levels: 100 Levels of Static Shock
√   Quickly switch between collars with dog selector button
√   Quick and straightforward pairing process Conserves power when not in use to extend battery life


PET-619 is an E-collar with the most humanized designd, three buttons for Vibration, Tone and Shock are designed separately with Skin-friendly Silicone Material, you just need to hold the transmitter in hand, feel the buttons and get it worded without a look, Easy-to-read LCD screen with Backlight with a proper size goes well with the transmitter, making the whole set more fashionable.

Different from the ordinary articles with 100 correction levels or so, PET-619 is designed with 16 stimulation levels for Vibration and Static shock accroding to ECMA standard,it’s proven to be 100% safe while getting your dogs well trained. Each piece needs to go through a strict inspection process from raw meterail assembling to shipment effecting, ensuring you a smooth marketing experence.

No more worry about the water problem, the receiver with IPX7 waterproof grade can give your dog enough time to enjoy the cool summer, and the comfortable TPU collar could make sure the receiver is fastend in a proper way, and don’t forget the 400m remote control range, can you imagine your dog swimming towards you with a waterpolo after a press on the bottons.

No need to go through stores for batteries to fit in the articles, you can get the transmitter and receiver charged at the same time with one charger, easy and effective ! The whole set is matched with 3.7 Li-Polymer Battery allowing up to 500 times for Charge-Discharge, and there would be only 17 % Capacity Fading after 200 Times Charge-Discharge !

Packing Detail
For 1 Dog   For 2 Dog
Transmitter         x 1 Charging Cable         x 1 Transmitter         x 1 Charging Cable         x 1
Receiver         x 1 Use Manual         x 1 Receiver         x 2 Use Manual         x 1
Adjustable TPU Strap         x 1 Charger         x 1 Adjustable TPU Strap         x 2 Charger         x 1
Test Bulb         x 1 Sets of Contact Points         x 2 Test Bulb         x 1 Sets of Contact Points         x 4
Manual         x 1 Manual         x 1
Package List
For 1 Dog   For 2 Dog
PACK STYLE: Color box PACK STYLE: Color box
NET Weight (kg): 10.5KGS NET Weight (kg): 10.5KGS
GROSS Weight (kg): 11.5KGS GROSS Weight (kg): 11.5KGS
CTN/SIZE (cm): 43.5X37X37CM CTN/SIZE (cm): 43.5X37X37CM
Single Packing : 18X17X5.7CM Single Packing : 18X17X5.7CM


Correction system:

The wellturn Dog Training Collar PET619-1 is a dog remote training collar that combines many of the features and elements commonly found in dog shock collars but with a reduced receiver design to accommodate a larger variety of dog sizes from up 10 pounds and up.

This unit was designed ergonomically with an amateur and small dog in mind. You will be able to reinforce basic dog obedience around the home, the yard or leisurely walks in the park and with a distance of 330 yards, training in these environments will be a breeze.

With our new rapid charging technology and ability to charge both devices simultaneously, this e-collar is always ready when you are. With 100 levels of shock and vibration, finding a level of stimulation that works for your dog is simple and effortless and coupled with a standard tone allows you to deliver a warning before the stimulation. Lastly, this unit has the ability to be remotely powered on and off from the remote transmitter.

300 yards dog training collars pet-619

300 yards dog training collars pet-619
P-Collar610 How Do Buttons Work
Intensity Dial Tips level rotation button, dog training collar with 100 hints, different sizes of dogs using different hints for the dog’s health
Stimulation Button Electric shock tips button, when the dog to make bad behavior, we have to give a slight electric shock, when the fine penalty level can be implemented after the penalty process
Vibration Button Shake the prompt button, when the dog to make a bad behavior waiting, we have to give a slight shock, when the penalty level can be transferred after the implementation of the penalty process.
Sound Button Voice prompt button, when the dog to make a bad behavior waiting, we have to give a slight shock, the same, each mode will have 100 tips level can choose.

To turn the Transmitter on

The receiver is started by pressing any key. Receiver with a waterproof design, three models can choose, 100 tips level, can be suitable for small and medium-sized dog use, in addition, the receiver uses a charging design, long standby 7 days, and the most characteristic is the level Adjust the button with a sleek bearing design, sliding up more gentle, and in order to better improve the user experience, in the process of rotating roller with the indicator light.

300 yards dog training collars pet-619-
300 yards dog training collars pet-619-

To turn the Receiver Collar on

There are 100 levels for the prompt level. The receiver can be used in small pets, so the size of the receiver also uses a small receiver, suitable for different size of the dog, long press the key to start the receiver. The receiver is highly waterproof. Long standby for 7 days.

300 yards dog training collars pet-619-
300 yards dog training collars pet-619-
300 yards dog training collars pet-619-

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Our Service:

In order to better serve customers, we launched a number of quality services.
1. Our company according to the needs of the provision of the most efficient transport services, the fastest to the product to your hands,
2. Our company provides technical knowledge, dog training technical knowledge, can quickly teach you how to train your dog.
3. We provide 365 days of maintenance services, as long as your product is a problem, we will be the first time for you to solve the problem.

Our company has been a good reputation as a company oath. Maintenance of the interests of its clients is our ultimate goal, we have been high-quality products, quality service and friendly post-maintenance as the industry’s most prominent advantage.

How to find the best Vibration/Shock Level

The unit comes with Up and Down buttons to control the Vibration/Shock Level, with Level 1 being the lowest level and Level 16 being the highest. The level of Vibration/Shock best suited for your dog depends on your dog’s temperament and threshold for vibration / Shock. Always start at the lowest level and work your way up. The appropriate level can be found when the dog responds to the Vibration/Shock with a mild reaction, such as a tensing of the neck muscles. The Vibration/Shock Level may vary depending on the training situation. When highly distracted, dogs will require a higher level of Vibration/Shock.

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