880 Yards Remote Guide Dog Control Training Collars | WT617

Main Features

1.Patent desgin, Up to 880 yard remote range
2.receiver vibration + receiver and remote vibration + receiver static shock
3.Adjustable 100 levels of each models
4.Rechargeable and waterproof with LCD display with backlight
5.ON/OFF button on receiver and remote controller.
6.Special receiver and remote vibration fuction let you feel the vibration levels by hands.
7.Can be extend to 2 dogs.


This dog training collar could be used as a regular remote-controlled dog training collar where you get the training options of sound, vibrations or safe static shock – Or you can choose to use it as an automatic bark control collar where the collar will automatically vibrate + shock when your dog barks.

The dog training collar with remote features a state-of-the-art modern design. – It works from up to 880 yards away! – Vibration, static shock functionalities as well as the sensitivity in automatic mode can be fine tuned through 100 levels of intensity to ensure a response from your pet! – The LCD display modern design buttons make the collar easy to use – the collar and receiver are waterproof

The dog collar is made out of high quality comfortable TPU and it is size adjustable to fit breeds of nearly all sizes; so you can use the bark collar for small dogs and large dogs.Do not forget to control up to 2 dogs at the same time.

This e-collar uses the latest technology and is FCC and CE certified for your safety and the safety of your dog. the training collar for dogs is operated with rechargeable batteries to avoid unnecessary waste of disposable batteries – Bonus recharger and USB cable included.

Packing Detail
For 1 Dog   For 2 Dog
Transmitter         x 1 Charging Cable         x 1 Transmitter         x 1 Charging Cable         x 1
Recvier         x 1 Contact Probes         x 2 Recvier         x 2 Contact Probes         x 4
TPU Strap         x 1 Test Light         x 1 TPU Strap         x 2 Test Light         x 1
Charger         x 1 Use Manual         x 1 Charger         x 1 Use Manual         x 1
Antenna         x 1 Antenna         x 1
Package List
For 1 Dog   For 2 Dog
PACK STYLE: Color box PACK STYLE: Color box
NET Weight (kg): 18.3KGS NET Weight (kg): 20KGS
GROSS Weight (kg): 19KGS GROSS Weight (kg): 21KGS
CTN/SIZE (cm): 40X34X46CM CTN/SIZE (cm): 40X34X46CM
Single Packing : 23.5X19X5CM Single Packing : 23.5X19X5CM


The wellturn Dog Training Collar WT-617 is a dog remote training collar that combines many of the features and elements commonly found in dog shock collars but with a reduced receiver design to accommodate a larger variety of dog sizes from up 10 pounds and up. This unit was designed ergonomically with an amateur and small dog in mind. You will be able to reinforce basic dog obedience around the home, the yard or leisurely walks in the park and with a distance of 330 yards, training in these environments will be a breeze. With our new rapid charging technology and ability to charge both devices simultaneously, this e-collar is always ready when you are. With 100 levels of shock and vibration, finding a level of stimulation that works for your dog is simple and effortless and coupled with a standard tone allows you to deliver a warning before the stimulation. Lastly, this unit has the ability to be remotely powered on and off from the remote transmitter.

880 yd remote training collar wt-617

880 yd remote training collar wt-617
Dog Training Collars WT-617 How Do Buttons Work
Intensity Dial Flashes green or solid green when any of1he slimulation bullons are pressed and solid red when charging the ballery or no power.
Vibration Button Oelivers conlinuous or momenlary vibration to the first receive, drepending on the position of the Toggle Switch.and Delivers continuous or momenlary vibration to the second receive, drepending on the position of the Toggla Switch.
Static Button Delivers continuous or momanlary static shock to the second receive, drepending on the position ofthe Toggle Switch.and Oelivers continuous or momenlary slatic shock to the first raceive, drepending on the position of the Toggle Switch.
LCD screen Indicates the intensity level of stimulation currently selected and batlery life.When pressing stimulation bullonsthe LCD screen will notify is which receiver receiving stimulation.

To turn the Transmitter on

Press and hold the Power Button for several seconds the LCD display will appear and the Transmitter Indlcator Light will turn to solid green.To power off the Remote Transmitte, press and hold the Right side Button for a few seconds, and Indicalor Light will turn to red.To power on the Remote Collar Recelvear align the Remote Transmitter Pairing Symbol with the corresponding Collar Receiver Pairing Symbol, once the Receiver Indicator Light is green separate the two Pairing Symbol.The Collar Receiver is now on.To power off the Remote Collar Receiver. realign the Remote Transmitter Pairing Symbol Transmitter with the correspnding CoIlar Receiver Pairing Symbol, once the Receiver indicalor Light goes red separate the two Pairing Receplacles.The collar Recelver is now off.
NB:The indicator Iight of collar-receiver will flash red if it needs recharging.

880 yd remote training collar wt-617
880 yd remote training collar wt-617
880 yd remote training collar wt-617

Pairing Collar Receiver to Transmitter

1. Press and hold the Power Button for a few seconds to power on the Remote Transmitter. 2. Rotate the Intensity dial to 0.3.Ensure the Collar Receiver is off.4. Align and the Remote Transmitter Pairing Symbol with the corresponding Collar Receiver Pairing Symbol, hold until the Receiver Indicator Lights a steady green, once the steady green light begins to flash, press the Vibration Button 1 immediately. Pairing is now complete. If needing to pair a second Collar Receiver follow steps 2 – 4 but instead of pressing the Vibration Button 2 immediately.
NB:According to the factory default settings when the collar-receiver has been turned on the syncing should be completed within 10 secs, there by you have to press the Vibration button in good lime or press it at least within 10 secs. Please DO NOT try to sync the transmitter with the two collar receivers (if any) at the same time.

880 yd remote training collar wt-617
880 yd remote training collar wt-617
880 yd remote training collar wt-617

Connect transmitter and receiver:

2 Pairing Collar Recelver to Transmitter
1. Press and hold the Power Button for a few seconds to turn on the Remote Transmitter.
2.Rotate the Inlensity Dail to 100.
3.Ensure the Collar Receiver is off .
4. Align and hold the remote and receiver to sync the system, until the indicator on the receiver flashes in steady green light, and press the vibation button to finish the process .
5.Repeat step 1-4 to finish the second collar sync.

NB:The sync process shall be finished within 10 secs after the green flashing light, and don’t try to pair two receivers at the same time.

How to find the best Vibration/Shock Level

Pet products are reliable and comfortable for large or small dogs.
The system helps to control the dog without a belt, sending a stop command to the dog’s collar receiver within any range of 880 yards. Dogs will receive an annoying but safe non-irritating stimulus. The same use of this product, the dog will be relevant
It’s improper behavior that you use will soon have a good dog. This stimulus model can adjust the level of stimulation, if you and the dog can interact with two weeks time, then, your dog has a very big change.
our service:
In order to better serve customers, we launched a number of quality services.
1. Our company according to the needs of the provision of the most efficient transport services, the fastest to the product to your hands,
2. Our company provides technical knowledge, dog training technical knowledge, can quickly teach you how to train your dog.
3. We provide 365 days of maintenance services, as long as your product is a problem, we will be the first time for you to solve the problem.

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