Wellturn WT-744 Battery Shock Collar For Bark

Battery Shock Collar For Bark WT-744

Main Features

1.Small light weight for small & middle dogs
2.Waterproof dog bark shock only E collar
3.7 intensity levels for dog correction training.
4.High strength TPU dog belt
5. 5 sensitivity levels available for various occassion.
6.Two-color LED indicator

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WT744 is battery operated and works with static shock for dog correction, it suits family dog training well. When you dog barks, the vibration from his throat activates the system, and the E collar would correct him automatically.

There are two dials on the terminator, the bigger one is for intensity levels from 1-7, when your dog barks, the unit deliver static shock as is set before, and the intensity goes up gradually if your dog insist on barking. The small dial is provided for sensitivity adjustment, you can choose from 1-5 to take control your dog’s barking in a proper range.

We train our dog, not for punishment, but to get them well educated so that we can live with each other in a better way, so a secured training system is a must, For WT744, it will go into a protection mode automatically after 5 times continuous corrections with 30 seconds with a blinking red light, then turn into a sleep mode 1 minute later.

Packing Detail
Dog Collar x 1 Contact Probes x 4
TPU Strap x 1 Test Light x 1
6 V Battery x 1 Use Manual x 1
Package List
Package List
Model: WT743
PACK STYLE: Color box
NET Weight (kg): 9.3KGS
GROSS Weight (kg): 10.3KGS
CTN/SIZE (cm): 35X34X44CM


Charge the remote transmitter:

Overall human design
Highly waterproof
7 kinds of adjustment level
Long standby
Two-color prompt light

Humanized design, the use of matte surface, not easy to lose.
Highly waterproof, so that more rainy day happy
7 in the regulation level, suitable for different sizes of dogs
Long standby, the longest standby can reach 10 days
Two-color indicator lights, different states are equipped with different colors.

dog brak collar

wellturn dog brak collar wt-744
BRAK COLLAR WT-744 How Do Buttons Work
Battery cap Install a 6V battery
On-off and Dial intensity level Switch and control the intensity level of the adjustment, you can control the seven levels
Sensitvity level dial Adjust the sensitivity of the barker, a total of five levels
Contact points Contact with electric shock column

Electric Shock Anti Bark Dog Collars

Dogs can be applied to different sizes of dogs, body size can be used in 30cm-120cm, the other seven levels of work, can correspond to the different size of the dog, the dog collar is equipped with a safe area model, as long as the dog in certain conditions Under the barking of the dog, the dog will be able to stop working for 2 minutes, 2 minutes later continue to work according to the minimum level.

wellturn dog brak collar wt-744
wellturn dog brak collar wt-744
wellturn dog brak collar wt-744

Barking Dog Shock Collar

Install the Battery firstly, and rotate the pointer of the intensity dial to certrain level, you will see the green led light flashes, and it means the system is ready for normal operation. You may need to find a coin first, otherwise it might be hard to open the barrter cover. When you turn on the bark collar, adjust the pointer on the bigger dial to a certain level from 1-7 to finish the intensity setting, when your dog barks, the unit delivers static shock as is set before, and the intensity goes up gradually if your dog insist on barking

wellturn dog brak collar wt-744
wellturn dog brak collar wt-744
wellturn dog brak collar wt-744

Our packaging:

1. Product packaging
Product packaging using our company-specific product packaging,
Packaging beautifully generous,
Using a compression type of paper cartons,
The box has a beautiful appearance,
High quality material, simple design style advantages.
2. Outer packing
Using a special logistics carton,
This carton uses a two-layer compressed paperboard,
To avoid damage to the product in transit,

wellturn dog brak collar wt-744

How To Find The Best Bark Collar

The unit comes with Up and Down buttons to control best bark collar Level, with Level 1 being the lowest level and Level 7 being the highest. The level of best bark collar best suited for your dog depends on your dog’s temperament and threshold for best bark collar. Always start at the lowest level and work your way up. The appropriate level can be found when the dog responds to best bark collar with a mild reaction, such as a tensing of the neck muscles. best bark collar Level may vary depending on the training situation. When highly distracted, dogs will require a higher level of best bark collar.

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