Rechargeable Invisible Electric Fence For Dog With 5000 Square Meter Coverage | KD660

Main Features

  1. Rechargeable waterproof in-ground dog fence system
  2. 5000 Square meter coverage ( over 1.24 acre )
  3. 100 Level for variable boundary distance control
  4. 10 seconds warning tones before static shock
  5. Automatic run-through prevention
  6. Audible and visual wire break indicators
  7. Multiple receiver operation supported with one transmitter


Design a diagram and install the system easily according to the user manual, it helps effectively keep dogs in the limited area without any visual changes in your yard, and the coverage over 1.24 acre gives enough roaming space.


Turn on the transmitter, and you can set the signal distance of the wires with “ + ” and “ – ” based on the actual needs in different condition, the higher level you set, the smaller playing area there would be.

No need to worry about dog escaping from the containment system, automatic correction shall be triggered off and goes up as dog approaching the edge, warning sounds before the static shock, and the dogs can’t “run through “ the signal field without receiving the strong corrections.

Packing Detail
Transmitter x 1 Contact Probes x 4
Collar Receiver x 1 Test Light x 1
Charging Cable x 1 Use Manual x 1
Screws x 1 Boundary Flags x 20
Charger x 1 300-meter Wire x 1
Package List
Package List
Model: KD-660
PACK STYLE: Color box
NET Weight (kg): 9 KGS
GROSS Weight (kg): 10KGS
CTN/SIZE (cm): 42 x32 x26 CM
SINGLE Packing : 32 x21 x5 CM
SINGLE Packing : 18.8 x 14.4 x 4.8 CM


Warning tones before static shock

As dogs step into the signal field, warning tones will be triggered off for 10 seconds, then static shock + warning tones will force dogs to get back to the safe areas. Dogs will soon realize the connection between corrections and their behavior.

Run-through prevention

If dogs try to escape from the system which may lead them into dangerous condition, the system will try to stop it. 4 beeps + 4 shock will be activated then 6 beeps + 5 shock till they return to the limited spaces.


Rechargeable Invisible Dog Fence System KD-660 Top Rated Dog Fencing System
ON/OFF Button Start and shut down the system.
Power LED Showing the condition of in ground wire.
Increase/Decrease Transmitter Signal Level Increase/ decrease signal distance for actual needs.
Display Levels Of Transmitter Signal Help find out the current signal levels.

To turn the Transmitter on

Press power button on the transmitter to turn it on, if it beeps constantly, please check the wire terminals to make sure it’s connected well, the transmitter sends out constant signal with wire under ground, which could trigger off the correction program on the receiver within the range.


To turn the Receiver Collar on

Charge at least 4 hours before using, press the power button to turn on the receiver. The blink indicator light means battery is running down and needs to be recharged. Test the system before applying onto the dogs, adjust the controlling range to level 1, hold the receiver with test light on and approaching to the wire gradually to make sure the system works normally.


Connect transmitter and receiver:

Wire the system in your yard

In order to wire your yard safely and effectively, you need to circle the forbidden areas where you want to keep your dog away, and you can also devide the whole garden into several parts with wires to keep your dog into the limited areas.


  1. Make sure the closed loop circuit should be more than 15 meters,and it should be over 100 meters for the maximum correction levels, you can double or triple the loop the meet the standard.
  2. Keep the circuit at least 2 meter away from the wires from other facilities, they may interfere signals.
  3. When you need to divide your garden into several parts, make sure the isolated areas should be at least 3 meters from the others.

Put The Receiver Onto The Dogs

Assemble the 2 meta contact probes into the receiver, and place the collar around the dog’s neck with TPU strap, make sure the contact points reach the skin of dog’s throat properly, and also, make sure the receiver works normally before putting onto the dogs.

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