Best Safe Anti Bark Device With Digital Display | WT772A

Main Features

√   The digital tube shows the gears of vibration ,shock and sensitivity
√   Waterproof and Rechargeable
√   The item use built-in rechargeble battery,1 hour charging can keep using for 14 days.cost-saving.
√   1-7 Level Sensitivity adjustable.
√   0-7 gears you can choose to adjust the vibration/Shock
√   Automatic protection,auto-sleep mode in 1 minute,energy saving.
√   74 cm nylon collar and advanced design,small size and easy for dog wearing.
√   Effective on dogs from 10 to 120 pounds.
√   Smallest size and lightest weight dog bark collar on the market.


SURPRISINGLY EFFECTIVE When your dog barks, a microphone inside the No-Bark Collar picks up the sound and sends an ultra-high frequency sound to interrupt your dog’s bark without hurting his sensitive ears.

1-7 SENSITIVITY LEVELS distinguish barking from ambient noise. No-Bark Collar delivers sound and vibrations with each bark. No-Bark Collar is stop barking dog devices that sends a harmless static shock to the dog whenever it barks. Humane, cost-effective and harmless to your dog.

BLACK NYLON WEB COLLAR adjusts from 6” to 30” to fit any breed of dog weighing 18 to 100 pounds. The quick and effective smart device keeping a quiet environment. New Generation No-Bark Collar is high quality and easy to use to stop dog from barking.

EASY 2-BUTTON ADJUSTMENT lets you accommodate your dog’s unique vocalizations, coughing or bumping. No- Bark Collar is almost completely automatic. The item use built-in rechargeble battery,1 hour charging can keep using for 14 days. adjust the strap to the size of your dog’s neck and the dog bark collar automatically begins doing its job.

Packing Detail
Dog Collar x 1 Charging Cable x 1
Nylon Strap x 1 Use Manual x 1
Test Light x 1
Package List
Package List
Model: WT-772A
PACK STYLE: Color box
NET Weight (kg): 11KGS
GROSS Weight (kg): 12KGS
CTN/SIZE (cm): 37.5×27.2x34CM


LCD Anti Bark Device

Wellturn WT-772A is the Chinese first Anti Bark Device with an LCD display screen. It is very intuitive to see the levels, remaining capacity, collar sensitivity etc.

Meniscus Design Patent

Wellturn WT-772A Anti Bark Device adopt meniscus design style, in order to fit dog’s neck and working better.

wellturn wt-772a best safe anti bark device
wellturn wt-772a best safe anti bark device

Four Combination Modes And A Powerful UV Surface

Wellturn WT-772A Anti Bark Device has four correction modes (Beep & Beep + Vibration & Beep + Static Shock & Beep + Vibration + Static Shock), different dogs using different correction modes. The most surprising thing is that the Anti Bark Device is equipped with the function of automatic protection that when the dog bark seven times continuously then the Anti Bark Device rest for a minute,it always guarantee the dog’s safety.

Wellturn WT-772A Anti Bark Device appearance is made of ABS and UV materials which is Anti-scratch and wear-resistant.

14 Days Standby And 1-7 Sensitivity Levels

In order to save more time on you and your dog. Our Collar with 280mA built-in battery, one time powered, stand by for 14 days.

7 Levels

Press the “S” button continuously to change the level of sensitivity (1-7 levels) to apply different barking sounds of dogs.

wellturn wt-772a best safe anti bark device

2017 Best Selling Anti Bark Device in the United States.

This product uses the vibration sensor for sensitivity distinction,When the sound of the dog barking reaches a certain frequency,it will trigger the sensors, thus triggering the product first sound then the vibration after the shock. If the collar keep activates for 7 times in one minute, it will enter auto-protetion mode,The display will flash 7 times, a minute after the product will enter the work mode. In automatic protection mode, press any button to allow the product to re-enter the work mode.

wellturn wt-772a best safe anti bark device
wellturn wt-772a best safe anti bark device
wellturn wt-772a best safe anti bark device


1.Gently press the power button,you can know how much the power is.The product can be filled for an hour, full of electricity can be used continuously for 14 days
2.When charging the product, the digital tube will display the power and continue to flash.
3.When the product is fully charged, the digital tube will display “7”
1.For the first time, please charge it first
2.It is forbidden to charge the product with an adapter that exceeds 1A


1. You can choose your own product packaging, we can provide free design model. Until you are satisfied.
2. If you have your own logo, we can add your own logo to your product. But you have to pay a small fee.
3. According to different countries we are equipped with different plugs,
For example: UE, US, UK, CN, AU or others.
4. You can also choose a different strap: TPU Collar Strap or Nylon Collar Strap.

wellturn wt-772a best safe anti bark device
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