Cell Phone Design Scratch Proof Surface IPX6 Dog Trainer Collar | WT774

Main Features

√    16mm slim design, similar to cell phone, comfortable holding and using
√    Multiple color option for controller stripe with matching collar, reveal individuality
√    Invisible screw and seamless antenna chamber design, smooth, durable and better waterproof
√    HTN negative blue transmissive backlight LCD display, crystal clear, anti reflective and glare
√    Scratch proof surface hardened acrylic screen cover, durable and better waterproof
√    UV coating 3mm ABS shell, rear printing transparent PC button and PVC Logo plate,  unfadable color and scratch proof
√    150,000 lifetime 0.2mm travel tact switch, accuracy inputting with durable long life
√    DIP packaged dual MCU chip, 99.97% accuracy processing, preventing delay and malfunction
√   Gold coating pure copper probe, best conductivity
√   Overmolding planted instead hand assembly to prevent leaking gap, with silicon sealing ring, IPx6 submersible waterproof
√   Idle power saving, motion sensor auto wakeup


EASY DOG TRAINING COLLAR: Without harming your dog, our Remote Dog Training Devices features 8 levels of vibration and 8 levels of static shock. Consistent, positive sessions will have your pup respecting you in no time! It’s even rainproof and made of durable nylon material, keeping your dog safe in all conditions.

CONVENIENT CONTROL: What truly sets our Remote Dog Training Devices apart from all the others is that it comes with an innovative handset! Boasting an LED screen that provides stimulation level readings and easy-to-use button controls, you’ll revolutionize the way you train.

RECHARGEABLE AND RAINPROOF: Who wants to spend a fortune on battery replacements? Both the handset and the Remote Dog Training Devices run on built-in, long-lasting lithium batteries that are completely rechargeable! You save time and money. Receiver with waterproof design, IPX6 waterproof rating, allowing you to spend more time with your pet.

COMFORTABLE & ADJUSTABLE COLLAR BELT : The Remote Dog Training Devices can freely adjust the tightness and fits neck sizes from 14 to 25 inches for a dog sizes from 10 to 100 lbs (small, medium, large ).

Packing Detail
For 1 Dog   For 1 Dog
Transmitter         x 1 Use Manual         x 1 Transmitter         x 1 Use Manual         x 1
Recvier         x 1 Charging Cable         x 1 Recvier         x 2 Charging Cable         x 1
Nylon Strap         x 1 Contact Probes         x 4 Nylon Strap         x 2 Contact Probes         x 8
Charger         x 1 Test Light         x 1 Charger         x 1 Test Light         x 1
Package List
For 1 Dog   For 2 Dog
PACK STYLE: Color box PACK STYLE: Color box
NET Weight (kg): 16.5KGS NET Weight (kg): 20.82KGS
GROSS Weight (kg): 17.5KGS GROSS Weight (kg): 19.5KGS
CTN/SIZE (cm): 42X37.5X35CM CTN/SIZE (cm): 42X37.5X35CM
Single Packing : 17.5X10.2X6.5CM Single Packing : 17.5X10.2X6.5CM


New Design Patents and UV Surface Treatment Design

We applied the appearance patent of this products this year, to protect the core competitiveness on the market,and also to protect our customer benefit.

The waterproof and rechargeable collar and controller both adopted UV surface treatment, high scratch proof to increase the lifetime, at the same time, receiver surface conceal screw design is also the strengths of this product.

remote dog training devices

remote dog training devices 2 dogs

880 Yards And At The Same Time Training Two Dogs

880 yard range, perfect for household training, outdoor hiking or leisurely walks to the park.

The Remote Dog Training Devices is designed for dogs over 15 pounds, perfect for small, medium and large dogs. Fits neck sizes from 7″ to 26″. If you have two dogs, do not worry, this system can be extended to two dogs model.

8 Levels(Vibration and Static Shock ) Waterproof Rechargeable Design

Durable and Water-resistant: Both remote transmitter and collar receiver are Rechargeable and Waterproof, allowing dog training impregnable in rainy days

Adjustable Stimulation Intensity: Support 0-8 intensity level for static shock and vibration, and intensity levels can be visually displayed on blue backlit LCD screen

remote dog training devices 2 dogs

How to Open and Close Remote Dog Training Devices?

Controller:Press the On/off button to turn on the remote. When no button is pressed for 40 seconds the remote will be automatically shut off. Press the On/off button to turn the display back on again. Press and hold the On/off button will shut the device manually.
Receiver:Press the On/off button on the receiver collar to turn on the collar. The light will flash once every 4seconds. Do it again to turn it off. To extend the life of the batteries, turn off the collar when it is not in use.

remote dog training devices 2 dogs
remote dog training devices 2 dogs
remote dog training devices 2 dogs

What can you do for your Product?

How to use the test light

1. Turn on the collar.
2. Hold the test light contacts to the contact points.
3. Shift to shock mode and press Y button on remote.
4. The test light will flash if the unit runs well.
5. If the light does not flash, recharge the collar and re-test it. Contact with customer service for help if the problem remains.

remote dog training devices 2 dogs
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