IPX6 waterproof dog shock collar with lcd display


Main Features

1, Alphanumeric LCD display shows the levels of vibration, shock, sensitivity.
2, Reset function to prevent system halted, more stable.
3, H/M/L Sensitivity levels: L(low) is for the least sensitive, and H(high) is for the highest sensitive.
4, 0 /L/M/H Vibration levels: 0 is off, L(low) is subtle vibration, and H(high) is heavy vibration.
5, 0 /L/M/H Shock levels: 0 is off, L(low)is mild static shock, and H(high)is strong no harm static shock.
6, One minute for auto-stop protection after 7 times correction;
7, The collar size can be adjusted between approximately 6.5’’ to 24’’ in circumference.
8, The Electric Dog Collar / E Collar for Dogs / Best Bark Collar B400 is reflective for nighttime visibility.
9, The receiver is waterproof IPX6 and safe for outdoor use.

what is the product working principle?

This product uses the vibration sensor for sensitivity distinction. When the
sound of the dog barking reaches a certain frequency, it will trigger the
sensor. The device will start to work.

Will the collar work if another dog barks?

Our collar with build-in smart barking detection chip, only your dog’s barking can trigger the collar

Is the stimulation/vibration safe for my pet?

Yes, it is safe and harmless. All our products are comply of ECMA standard. As long as you use our products according to the manual,it is totally safe.

The shock intensity is adjustable?

Yes, this model with 4 levels adjustable shock intensity and we suggest you use from the low level

Will the Bark Control Collar work for my dog?

The Bark Control Collar is safe and effective for most breeds and sizes of dogs, though it may be too large for dogs under 6.6 pounds to wear comfortably

How long is the warranty?

12 month warranty.

Additional information

Working Mode



Beep,Vibration,Shock(Or not)








Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries




1 year


NET Weight (kg): 9.5KGS
GROSS Weight (kg): 10.5KGS
CTN/SIZE (cm): 36*29*25CM

Frequently Asked Questions

User hold the remote and dog wear the receiver collar, user sent the training command (beep,vibration,stimulation)via remote, and the receiver collar will affect the dog;s behavior accordingly

Yes, it is safe and harmless. All our products are comply of ECMA standard. As long as you use our products according to the manual,it is totall safe.

Your pet should be able to recognize basic obedience commands such as “Sit” or “Stay”. Pets should be at least 6 months old.

Only 2 hours needed for fully charging the collar.

12 month warranty.

Yes, OEM and ODM were highly welcomed.

We recommend that not more than 18 hours per day. In case of longer time, you are advised to examine your pets regularly.