Highly Effective In-Ground Electronic Dog Fence


Main Features

1.Receiver designed for stubborn or hard to train pets .
2.Five progressive levels of correction.
3.Easy control and can successfully keep your dog safe in your yard .
4.Tone plus static correction only mode for training .
5.Covers up to 10 acres with additional wire and flags .
6.High effective pet fencing system.
7.Keep your pets safe in the yard .
8.In-ground dog fencing system.

The wireless Fence is the safest, simplest form of pet containment ever. The instant fence operates using the same principles as an under ground fence, yet is completely wireless. This wireless fence sets up in an instant and is completely portable, so it’s great for travel or when you move into a new home.

The Wireless Fence uses a constant radio signal to create a “stay zone”. The receiver collar worn on your dog picks up the signal. If your dog ventures out of the “safe zone”, which is very rare once he is properly trained, he will hear a warning tone followed by a light static correction which startles your dog but is completely safe and humane.

With a little training that is simple and quick. Your pet learns his boundaries and will stay safe at home. Setting up the boundary of your yard takes only a few minutes by adjusting the rang on the transmitter which from a radius of just a few meters to up to 150 meters.

Additional information

Packing Detail

Indoor wall-mounted transmitter x 1 Extra metal contact points x 2
Power plug x 1 Training flags x 20
Adjustable receiver collar x 1 Test bulb x 1
6 Volt battery for collar x 1 screws x 4
boundary wire of 300 metres x 1 User’s manual x 1

Packing List

Model WT702
Gross Weight(kg) 0.80kgs
Receiver weight(kg) 0.06kgs
Box size(cm) 30x9x6.5cm
Receiver size(cm) 6.5x3x3.8cm
Remote size(cm) 15×9.5×3.5cm
Collar maximum(cm) 54cm
Collar minimum(cm) 25cm

Frequently Asked Questions

User hold the remote and dog wear the receiver collar, user sent the training command (beep,vibration,stimulation)via remote, and the receiver collar will affect the dog;s behavior accordingly

Yes, it is safe and harmless. All our products are comply of ECMA standard. As long as you use our products according to the manual,it is totall safe.

Your pet should be able to recognize basic obedience commands such as “Sit” or “Stay”. Pets should be at least 6 months old.

Only 2 hours needed for fully charging the collar.

12 month warranty.

Yes, OEM and ODM were highly welcomed.

We recommend that not more than 18 hours per day. In case of longer time, you are advised to examine your pets regularly.