Patented Designed Electronic Dog Collars


Main Features

√ Patented design with small and fine of meniscus shape.
√ Easy air blowing method to test the collar.
√ 7 levels of sensitivity adjustment by “+” and “-” buttons, to be suitable for different dogs.
√ 2 training modes: beeper and static shock.
√ 7 different combinations of beeper and static shock to train dogs effectively.
√ The collar turns into 1-minute-automatic protection mode after 7 times consecutive working (pause time must be less than 30s).
√ Adjustable leather leash from 6” to 30” to suit for different dogs: small, medium and large (not for huge)

PET758 is a unit with basic bark training funtion, it can conduct beep and beep & shock combined function when your dog barks loudly, and it’s small light weight design makes it work well on family dogs.

There are 7 intensity for sensitivity and correction both, the former one is adjustable accroding to different occassions, and the latter one could be conducted automatically while training when your dog barks.

The Dog Protection Program is suggested for E collar selection, it helps ensure safety when training. The PET758 would go into protection program when dog keeps barking even the system reaches the Top correction level, there is a pause for 1 minute, the the systems would works from the lowest correction.

Additional information

Packing Detail

Bark Stop Collar x 1
Nylon Strap x 1
Test Light x 1
Contact Probes x 4
Battery x 1
Use Manual x 1

Packing List

Model WT758
Gross Weight(kg) 0.12kgs
Receiver weight(kg) 0.12kgs
Box size(cm) 7.5×8×4.2cm
Receiver size(cm) 7×3.5×3.5cm
Collar maximum(cm) 58cm
Collar minimum(cm) 13cm

Frequently Asked Questions

User hold the remote and dog wear the receiver collar, user sent the training command (beep,vibration,stimulation)via remote, and the receiver collar will affect the dog;s behavior accordingly

Yes, it is safe and harmless. All our products are comply of ECMA standard. As long as you use our products according to the manual,it is totall safe.

Your pet should be able to recognize basic obedience commands such as “Sit” or “Stay”. Pets should be at least 6 months old.

Only 2 hours needed for fully charging the collar.

12 month warranty.

Yes, OEM and ODM were highly welcomed.

We recommend that not more than 18 hours per day. In case of longer time, you are advised to examine your pets regularly.