OEM Services

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) services pair your blueprints and designs with Wellturn’s manufacturing capabilities to make your product a reality. Wellturn will discuss your project’s needs including product specifications, desired materials, project budget, and proposed delivery schedule. From there we will manufacture prototype units for your demo purposes. Once your OEM project has been approved, our operations team will work with you to plan out a production and delivery schedule based on your demand projections. If your production demand fluctuates, we’ll work with you to adjust production to meet your desired level of output. Our skilled and attentive OEM account representatives will walk with you every step of the way.

OEM/ODM Capability

We have strong R&D team, we also provide OEM and ODM service. We are very experienced in OEM/ODM projects We can produce according to artwork and sample from customers. And we can also make artwork according to customers’ idea if customers are not able to provide artwork by themselves. Our sufficient equipment and skilled engineers will mold according to artwork and sample excellently. We guarantee product quality by our strict QC processes. Our experienced sales persons provide comprehensive pre- and after-sales services. OEM/ODM Pet Training Collar Design Services Wellturn offers a wide range of customizable Pet Training Collar for Retailers and wholesalers. But sometimes our customer’s needs cannot be satisfied by an offering from our current catalog. This is when Wellturn’s extensive experience in custom Pet Training Collar systems really kicks into gear! We analyze the functional, budgetary, and regulatory requirements of your project to provide you with the best possible solution…whether we’re simply modifying an existing product to meet your needs, or building an entirely new unit just for you.

ODM Services

Original design manufacturer (ODM) services utilize your product ideas with Wellturn’s design and manufacturing capabilities. Our engineering team will capture all the needs of your ODM project requirements including technical specs, regulatory compliance, aesthetic design, and production schedule. We’ll draft the blueprints for the project and build prototypes for you to demo. Once approved, our team will begin production of your ODM units according to your demand forecasts; adjusting as needed moving forward.


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We take the After-Sale Service as the most core part of long term cooperation, and the most important part of being a top grade Dog Training Collar Supplier. We always try to providewith the sincere advice on the market &effective solution to the problems, and it helped us to get valuable recognition from the distributors at home and abroad.

On-Time Packing & Shipping Service

Real-Time Cargo Tracking Service

100% Quality Assurance with 12 Months Warranty

18 Hours On Line for Timely Technical Consultant

Regular Latest Market Information Sharing Service

Regular Market Maintenance Service

One-to-one Market Operating Suggestion Service when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Design your need
Providing your idea, our in-house design and engineering team could convert
it to an outstanding product not just an idea.
2. Mockup your design.
Providing your design, our in-house design and engineering team could make
a mockup and ensure your design to be reality independently.
3. manufacturing your product.
providing your sample, our engineers could produce it and help you expand
your market in a short time.
4. Shipping your goods.
Providing your schedule, our factory can ensure the delivery time as promised.

Yes. Some manufacturers offer tone options and vibration options. Sometimes
the tone or vibration can even be used without any electrical stimulation at all.
What kind of safety features do these collars have?

Most collars we carry include an automatic shut-off feature, which
automatically shuts of the stimulation if the continuous stimulation is being
delivered for more than 8 – 10 seconds. There are a few collars that do not
offer this feature. Thoroughly review the features of each remote training
system before making a decision.

Most collars we carry include an automatic shut-off feature, which automatically shuts of the stimulation if the continuous stimulation is being delivered for more than 8 – 10 seconds. There are a few collars that do not offer this feature. Thoroughly review the features of each remote training system before making a decision.

Wellturn has beenmanufacturing professional dog training collars since 2006, our factory locates in Bao’an area Shenzhen China with 5 product lines and around 2000 working stuffs.

Our main market includes Europe and America;Sole distributor is acceptable for specific items in certain areas.

Yes, we have CE, RoHs for our Ecollars, and we can provide them to our distributors when needed.

Our regular MOQ is 100pcs for most of our E collars; And lead time is around 3-5 days for stocked models, and 7-10 days when the stock is not avaliable.

We can send samples for our customers for testing, and it often takes 3-5 days for delivery.

We would firmly stand behind E collars from WELLTURN, all of the models are guaranteed with a refundable warranty for 12 months, and life long maintenance service with our technical department.

OEM orders are welcomed always in WELLTURN, and it takes around 45 days after the confirmation.

Please notice the button of 1/2, all the function of the receiver can only work with same number

a: The battery no power, please change new battery.
b: With wrong frequency, please match the right frequency again.
c. Goes into the standby mode, please wake it up.

We have those with 100% waterproof,it can be Submersible in the water. To recommend a suitable style for you timely, please contact us via email or request online.

We have various styles with Small,Medium and Large size for your choice. All collars can be adjustable. Please tell us your request so we can recommend the best style for your reference.

Our company is operated by a group of honesty and trustable people including our management team, engineers, designers, and workers.
Our philosophy is to be “the quality guaranteed, sincere and faithful, considerate service, win-win partnership”.
And We have been senior memember of Alibaba for over 8 years.

A: Install the one battery for the collar.
B: You should press vibration or shock button on the remote controller and also put another battery to receiver till vibrate twice. In this way the match is done and the remote control system can operate normally.

A: It doesn’t work when get into standby state, you should shake the receiver until the indicate lights on. And also press the button of “Mode” for long time, until contents shows on the LCD.

When you press the shock or vibration, please notice the number 1-100, it doesn’t work on 000.

Electrical stimulation from the collar is intended to distract your dog by delivering an unpleasant but harmless electrical sensation. Some people describe this sensation as feeling like the static shock you receive when walking across a carpeted room in your stocking feet and touching a metal cabinet. Is it unpleasant? Yes. Does it cause you harm? No.

Training collars provide you with multiple stimulation levels. As a rule, most handlers find they can achieve their desired results using an extremely low level of stimulation, barely even perceptible to humans. Additionally, some remote training systems allow you to condition your dog to associate a vibration or audible tone with the correction, thus eliminating the need for electrical stimulation altogether. Not all remote trainers include a “vibrate-only” or “tone-only” mode. Review the features of each remote trainer when making your selection.

All remote trainers contain the same basic components:

A handheld remote transmitterA collar receiverCollar probes
The remote transmitter sends a radio signal to a receiver on the collar. The collar receiver then delivers the appropriate stimulation to your dog via a set of two stainless steel collar probes. The probes are positioned on your dog’s neck and are held securely in place by a snug-fitting collar strap. The probes must have direct contact with your dog’s skin in order to function properly.