Fireworks can be fun for us, but sometimes not for dogs: they can be stressful and anxiety-provoking for them. So, it’s important to keep your dog calm and take measures to protect them during the firework time. Here are some tips to keep your dog calm and safe during fireworks:

Tip 1 Close the Windows and Curtains

The sudden flashing light of fireworks can scare your dog. Therefore, closing windows and curtains is advisable for keeping your dog calm.

Tip 2 A Tired Dog Is a Relaxed Dog

Take him out for a relatively long walk before the fireworks begin. This would reduce his anxiety and make him fall asleep even during the fireworks.

Tip 3 Keep Him Engaged with Toys and Games

Playing with him or giving him a puzzle toy will keep him busy and will also distract him during the fireworks.

Tip 4 Act Normal When He Is Scared

Act normally around your pooch. If he is acting scared, avoid cuddling or patting him in excess as this could reinforce the fearful behavior in him.

Tip 5 Play Soothing Music

Playing soothing music would stave off his anxiety. Also, this would drown out some of the loud noises of the fireworks.

Tip 6 Create a Safe and Cozy Space for Him

Create a cozy place in your home where your dog can retreat if scared. Put water bowl and his favorite toys there. Dogs, generally, prefer dark and enclosed places to hide.

Tip 7 ID Tag with Your Details on His Collar

Out of fear and confusion, many dogs inadvertently run away from their homes during fireworks. Ensure that you always have an ID tag on him with your complete contact details.

Tip 8 Thundershirt and Anti-Anxiety Medication

Thundershirt calms down your scared and anxious dog by putting gentle pressure on his torso. If required, consult your vet for anti-anxiety medication.

Tip 9 Desensitizing Your Dog to Fireworks

Desensitizing your dog is a long-term solution for this problem. Introducing firework sound or videos few days prior will help him on the actual event day.

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