Barking is a way dogs express and communicate. It has been identified that dogs can communicate at least six different emotions through their barking. It might be hard to identify those emotions in the beginning, but it’s much easier to identify the context they bark in.

Identify 3 contexts the barking occurs in: disturbance context, isolation context and play context. Disturbance bark tends to be harsh, low frequency and unmodulated and play bark tend to be tonal, higher-frequency, and modulated.

Can dogs communicate with us and each other through barking? A team of researchers from Budapest presented dogs and humans with the same vocal and unvocal stimuli and they found that similar parts of the dogs and human brains respond in a similar pattern, which tells us that on the brain level dogs respond to emotional vocal stimuli the same way we do.

So yes, dogs communicate with us through barking and the barking has a meaning. Pay attention to the context they bark in, the sound of the bark, and you will develop an understanding of what they are trying to communicate. It will take a little bit of time but you will be able to tell what they’re trying to communicate with us.

And how to stop unwanted barking? Many dog owners use e-collar or citronella barking collar responsibly and safely to stop their dogs barking every day. If your dog barks more often than he should, you are supposed to consider doing it too.