We Are On Pet Shows

We Are On Pet Shows

We shared a vision with our distributors around the world to make Remote Dog Training Collar, Dog Bark Collar and Electric Dog Fence System from WELLTURN effective and reliable for dog training with absolute safety assurance, providing a smooth and enjoyable training experience for pet owners and professional dog trainers.

More and more distributors joined us with firm cooperation, and their recognition could really constantly encourage us to do more for better products and services. The Pet Shows could be a good platform, and we have been taking part in all kinds of Pet Shows / Pet Expos / Pet Fairs around the world for years, it could be more than a simple way to get our brand heard!

We keep learning from it. From every professional pet show, we could get a clear idea on how folks feedback on certain new models, and speculate on marketing trends as a significant reference for new model plans, heading for better dog training collars meeting with marketing demands.

We can also get ourselves oriented from it, with a better understanding of the advantages of ourselves and other participants from the shows, we would never stop seeking for marketing and the technical breakthrough for better services.

Looking forward to seeing you all again at the next Pet Show / Pet Expo / Pet Fair.

Orlando, Mar., 2016

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