When we talk about E collar ,we must focus on two point: Function & Battery life
Here is a good product for dog owner :
600 meter dog barking collar The Latest Signal Wake-up Technique l T600
5 main features:

1.Let your dogs without reins and get free. Let your love go farther.

2.Dog walking on a rainy day, do everything don’t worry.IPX6 Waterproof Receiver Collar and IPX5 Waterproof Transmitter. Let you happy on a rainy day.

3.Improved Communication with your dogs, provides 3 levels of (tone beep soft/deep/urgent)for you to teach a dog basic obedience commands.

4. Don’t worry about power anymore, the receiver can last for more than 60 days standby time and transmitter has up to 90 days standby time.

5.Don’t worry about touch by mistake anymore .T600 anti-misoperation setting lets your dog not confused again.

How it operates
Dog barking training collar is a kind of dog training. To any extent further, surprise collars tend to be used for unwanted behaviors in family canines. The surprise training collar is not designed as a consequence, but more as a deterrent to negative or unsafe habit. The canines might associate the unwanted habit with a somewhat unpleasant jolt and stop carrying it out until they no more require the reminder. The surprise by a surprise training collar is safe. It’s enough to really get your dog’s attention behaviors, and it won’t damage your dog.
Frankly speaking, by using a  dog barking collar doesn’t cause you to a negative pet parent, and it doesn’t mean you are torturing your pet, particularly when applied to the low non-shock levels. It really is unlikely an electronic receiver collar would kill your romance with your pet.
At last,I am hoping everyone can solve the challenge about choosing dog back of the shirt.and make dog me personally happy whenever we train them.
1.Save money
It’s less expensive than dealing with the trainer. Certainly, if you don’t mind the amount of money that you employ professional coaches better.
2.Be considered a good neighbor
I feel that we should cause problems to others then we think we need that. So we should be considered a good neighbor via surprise collar.
3.You don’t desire a watch out for 24Hr
We don’t need to view our dog whenever and everywhere whenever we use a dog barking collar.
A different one is faster and high efficiency than the standard way.
Every dog requires a suitable way to instruct them. When the surprise collar is unsuitable for your pet, you should stop it better.
2.Too dependent
Some individuals might be lazy and too reliant on it, but I am hoping you remember why you get and don’t make use of it for a long period.
3.be lacking the reward
We have to give awards and praise when dogs complete instruction.