The shock collars that we are usually talking about include remote dog training collars, bark collars, and electric dog fence collars. They are devices that use static stimulation to help dog owners or trainers discipline dogs and reinforce positive behaviors to them. Shock collars differ in the way the shock is triggered. For instance, bark collars are triggered by the vibration of the dog’s vocal cords, or by the sound of barking. Other shock collars can be activated by a handheld remote-control device held by the owner or trainer when an unfavorable behavior occurs.

A common question for shock collars is “Will they do harm to my dog?” or “Will they ruin my dog’s personality?”

The answer here is NO.

We admit that the term “shock collar” sounds horrible and inhumane. The primitive shock collars were first manufactured 30 years ago. As a kind of sacrifice for technology advancement, those collars caused many incidents in the early years. However, with years of improvement, the static pulses emitted by modern shock collars will not hurt your dogs.

According to the Relative Energy Comparison of Electronic Devices and Common Sources of Static Impulses by Philips Testing Service, the energy output of modern shock collars is minimal:

Modern shock collars are used to distract dogs rather than hurt them and there is no evidence of long-term harm to the dog’s welfare. They have a wide pattern of stimulation which is safe for dogs that are as small as 5lbs. When shock collars are properly used, they are able to help you do amazing obedience training with your dog, which is why most professional dog trainers are using shock collars during the training.

As for the reports claiming shock collars can burn a dog’s neck, we believe they are caused by improper uses of the product, such as ill-fitting or false practices, most of which are entirely preventable if the right steps are taken.

But remember that do not punish your dog with a shock collar. It should be used as a training tool to deter or disrupt bad behavior, so your dog can associate the uncomfortable feeling with negative behavior. Then, they will stop doing it.

If you are still worried about the safety of shock collars or just don’t like the idea that your dog is wearing a collar that will deliver static stimulation, citronella bark collars can be a good alternative for you. They deliver a spray of citronella, which dogs don’t like, instead of a shock. It is also proven that they are much more effective in reducing unwanted behavior.

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