Best Selling Dog Training Collar Product In Wellturn Tech China

In the line of Remote Dog Training CollarWellTurn Technology Has more than 12 years experience, definitely top 3 positions through the came years, each year we made more than 6 million sales all over the world, Things you seen selling on Amazon now might highly possible come from WellTurn Tech, China.

With dynamic experience in dog training collar field, We built our own over 2000 meter square factory and over 20 engineer R&D department, Wellturn Tech is now a top 3 leading company in China and even in the world role of manufacturer, wholesaler.

Back look at our sales data, we draw a conclusion about hottest selling dog training product which was widely welcomed by our worldwide customer.

No1, Anti Bark Collar Model 772/772A

Dog Training Collar


772 is almost hottest one according to company’s sales database, It is a No Bark Collar with shock and on shock function, meanwhile it can sound a beep and vibrate when you set on that mode, this one can automatically work, with our remote control

Many People may have a concern about shock function may hurt our pet dog, Don’t worry! this dog has no shock function, just set the sensitivity level to zero, it won’t work.

Easy to use and with multiple functions make it most popular one these years

Function: Beep, Vibration, Shock

Price: about USD15

No2, Dog Training Collar Model 774

dog training collar

Golden design, with remote, you can control your dog when never you want, even on a professional level, it still runs good,  the control range can be up to 600-800 meters far, that means you can let your dog run on the beach freely and no worry about losing control.

Function: remote controlled shock, beep, vibration

Price: About USD30

No3, Dog Training Collar Model 320

dog training collar

This dog training collar is newly launched this year, once launched it showed its potential to become the best product this year, Tidy and clean design let it looks good, the humanaty engineering design makes it very easy to hold.

IPX 7 Class waterproof ensure your dog to swim while wearing this dog training collar

Function: Beep, Vibration, Shock

Price: About USD26

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